Unpacking the Social World: Groups and Solidarity - Francesco Camboni, Raul Hakli, Valeria Martino

Unpacking the Social World: Groups and Solidarity

Rivista di Estetica, anno LXII, 82 (4/2023)

Francesco Camboni, Raul Hakli, Valeria Martino

The Open Edition

Groups and solidarity are, separately, widely debated concepts in contemporary social philosophy, yet their interplay remains largely unexplored and undertheorized. In fact, when it comes to investigating one of these concepts, more often than not the other is at best vaguely mentioned as a background assumption, and vice versa. This issue aims to foster a discussion of groups and solidarity as intimately related subjects, and this proposal is addressed to the domain of social philosophy. However, it is also intended to highlight some peculiar features that both discussions own independently, which could provide a preliminary groundwork for bridging the gap.


Summary of Contents

Francesco Camboni, Raul Hakli, Valeria Martino, Preface. Groups and Solidarity: Bridging a Gap in Contemporary Social Philosophy

Sally J. Scholz, Trust in Solidarity

Carlo Burelli, Francesco Camboni, La solidarietà come funzione sociale

Arto Laitinen, Solidarity and “Us” in three contexts: human, societal, political

Marco di Feo, Che cosa sono i gruppi sociali? Risposta ontologico-metafisica nella prospettiva dell’intero e delle parti

Valeria Martino, Attaching Value to Membership: A Criterion?

Raul Hakli, Solidarity and We-reasoning

Sara Rachel Chant, Solidarity and Theories of Collective Action



Erica Onnis, Cibo e libertà di scelta. Verso nuove narrazioni alimentari compabili con la mitigazione climatica