trusting institutions -

trusting institutions

Rivista di Estetica n.s. N. 68, 2018, anno LVIII

Jacopo Domenicucci

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Are you rational if you trust your bank? Does the healthcare system deserve your trust? How should a state earn citizens’ trust? In which sense do certain institutions need public trust in order to function properly? Is there a basic notion of trust common to both interpersonal and institutional dealings? How should we understand the so-called ‘crisis of trust in institutions’? In Trusting Institutions, analytic philosophers address these and similar questions, which have been of central concern for social scientists for a while and are now increasingly at the centre stage in public debate. Careful conceptual scrutiny should clarify what it is to trust institutions and how this can be rational.


Jacopo Domenicucci, Trusting institutions

Part I. Trust and institutions
Laurent Jaffro, Harmonic and disharmonic views of trust
Enrico Terrone, Istituzioni e pratiche. Le due sfere della realtà sociale

Part II. Trusted institutions: Appropriateness and rationality of trust in institutions
Pierre Lauret, Why (and how to) trust institutions? Hospitals, schools, and liberal trust
Jens Van’t Klooster, Trusting anonymous institutions: The case of the Swiss National Bank

Part III. Crises of trust: Democratic and healthcare system
Patti Tamara Lenard, Trust, discretion and arbitrariness in democratic politics
Elisabetta Lalumera, Trust in health care and vaccine hesitancy

Post Script
Tiziana Andina and Jacopo Domenicucci, States and intergenerational bonds

Raquel Cascales, The development of the sense of the “End of Art” in Arthur Danto