The Philosophy of Television Series - Mario Slugan, Enrico Terrone (eds.)

The Philosophy of Television Series

Rivista di Estetica n° 83 (2/2023)

Mario Slugan, Enrico Terrone (eds.)

The Philosophy of Television Series


It is often said that television series are nowadays as good as films, or even better than them, but the philosophical inquiry into the former remains much less developed than the philosophy of film. A handful of recent books have tried to fill the gap, but there is  much work still to be done. Significant contributions to the aesthetics of television series are coming from television studies and film studies, raising issues which philosophers are challenged to address. This special issue aims to offer philosophical perspectives on television series that are meant to explore this new area of research in which aesthetics and media studies can fruitfully interact.

Mario Slugan, Enrico Terrone, Introduction
Paolo Babbiotti, A Missed Education: Avoiding the Ordinary in The Sopranos
Héctor J. Pérez, Aesthetic Interactionism and My Brilliant Friend
Carlo Chiurco, Technics and the Sacred: The Path to Freedom and Authenticity in American Gods
Marco Segala, Epic Performed: The Poetic Nature of TV Series
Iris Vidmar Jovanović, Glancing, Gazing and Binging: On the Appeal of Contemporary Television Serials
Angela Maiello, TV Series: A Form of Adaptation to the Contemporary Media Condition
Dario Cecchi, Seriality as a Chronotope
Osman Nemli, Mukasa Mubirumusoke, After Black(ness)

Chiara Scarlato, Michel Foucault e “Raymond Roussel”

Alberto L. Siani, Human Landscapes. Contributions to a Pragmatist Anthropology di Roberta Dreon
Gregorio Fiori Carones, A Philosophy of Luxury di Lambert Wiesing