The Aesthetics of Idealism - Robert Clewis, Serena Feloj, Giovanna Pinna

The Aesthetics of Idealism

Rivista di Estetica, anno LXII, 81 (3/2022)

Robert Clewis, Serena Feloj, Giovanna Pinna

The Open Edition

The last few decades have been characterized by an increasing interest in the aesthetics of German Idealism. In particular the recent scholarly debate on Hegel’s philosophy has given new impetus to the reflection on art as a structural element of the self understanding of the modern subject. At the same time, this Hegel Renaissance has opened the door for a more nuanced comprehension of Idealistic aesthetics. This issue of Rivista di estetica aims to explore the Idealistic philosophy of art as a constellation of themes, problems and partly conflicting positions, rather than as a unified and closed theoretical model.


Summary of contents

Robert R. Clewis, Serena Feloj, Giovanna Pinna, Preface

Giovanna Pinna, The Aesthetics of Idealism. Facets and Relevance of a Theoretical Paradigm. Introduction

Andrea Mecacci, Aorgico. il sublime dialettico di Hölderlin

David Alvarado-Archila, Friedrich Hölderlin’s Die Bedeutung der Tragödien: Paradox as the Foundation of Tragedy

Marta Vero, Hölderlin’s Theory of (Aesthetic) Production

Francesco Campana, Hegel’s Conception of the Relationship between Poetry and History

Davide Mogetta, A Life Extreme. Life and Ideal in Hegel’s Aestethic Paradigm

Paolo D’Angelo, Arte e società nell’estetica dell’idealismo italiano

Mario Farina, The Social Character of Literature: Adorno the Legacy of the Aesthetics of German Idealism


Pio Colonnello, Rileggendo i Canti Orfici. L’ombra di Nietzsche