Rethinking through Art: East and West - Xiao Ouyang, Tiziana Andina

Rethinking through Art: East and West

Rivista di Estetica n.s. N. 80, 2022, anno LXII

Xiao Ouyang, Tiziana Andina

The Open Edition

Over the centuries, art has been a prominent form of cultural exchange between the East and the West – a role that has become even more prominent in the last three hundred years. Western painting and music introduced by European missionaries have shaped the tastes of the Chinese imperial courts since the 17th century. The “Chinoiserie” style inspired by Chinese aesthetics contributed a great deal to the dynamics of the 18th-century European art-world. Japanese Ukiyo-e – the art of the “floating world” – is believed to have had a significant impact on the Impressionists. It therefore comes as no surprise that contemporary artists from the East and the West have formed a collaborative creative community. While more and more art historians are shifting part of their research interest to the Eastern art traditions, looking into them in their own right or investigating art history in a greater trans-cultural context, many philosophers of art still remain relatively reluctant to either philosophize about art from a cross-cultural perspective, or try
to conceptualize its central issues by drawing on diverse cultural experiences and studies
of non-Western art history. This issue of Rivista di Estetica aims to offer some grounds for rethinking the fundamental philosophical questions about art within a cross-cultural context.


Summary of contents

XIAO OUYANG, TIZIANA ANDINA, Introduction: Think Through Art Globally

AI XIN, Kandinsky’s Composition And Zheng Xie’s Bamboo: An Aesthetic Dialogue Between Western And Eastern Abstractionism

RUDI CAPRA, Suna No Bi 砂の美. A Critical Appreciation Of Sand In Japanese Karesansui 枯山水Gardens

DAVID E. COOPER, Music, Nature And Transcendence

MASSIMILIANO LACERTOSA, Ripensare l’esperienza estetica attraverso lo Zhuangzi

PENG FENG, Danto’s Indiscernibility: An Intercultural Interpretation

PIER ALBERTO PORCEDDU CILIONE, Singing Trees. Note Su Tōru Takemitsu


GIULIA LASAGNI, Two Interpretations of Gilbert’s Plural-Subject Account

GERMANA PARETI, Bordi. Un confronto tra arte, filosofia e psicologia

VALERIA MARTINO, Sono una di voi. Il soggetto delle azioni transgenerazionali

FAUSTO CORVINO, ALBERTO PIRNI, L’etica del cambiamento climatico alla prova
dell’inefficacia causale individuale: discutendo la libertà collettiva di emissione di gas serra rispetto all’obiettivo di 1.5°C