philosophy and literature -

philosophy and literature

Rivista di Estetica n.s. N. 70, 2019, anno LIX

Carola Barbero, Micaela Latini

The Open Edition

Until now interdisciplinary research concerning philosophy and literature has focused mainly on aesthetics, philosophy of language and literary studies. The point is that these different research areas have rarely met, preferring to work separately the ones from the others on the same subject. The aim of this special issue is to bring finally together top researchers in all these fields trying to confront their results and their methods and, as far as philosophy is concerned, to take into consideration both the analytic and the continental tradition.

Summary of contents:

Carola Barbero, First variation. Philosophy and Literature

Micaela Latini, Second variation. Philosophy and Literature

Daniela Angelucci, Dalla letteratura alla filosofia. Il Proust di Deleuze

Michele Cometa, Incomprensibilità e ironia. Filosofia e letteratura in Friedrich Schlegel e Paul de Man

Elvira Di Bona, Stefano Ercolino, Musil in a loop: The other conditions and the extended mind

Giuseppe Di Giacomo, Amleto, ovvero le speranze infrante sul non-senso del mondo

Francesca Ervas, Natura multimodale e creatività del linguaggio poetico

Maurizio Ferraris, Enrico Terrone, Like giants immersed in time. Ontology, phenomenology, and Marcel Proust

Wolfgang Huemer, Engaging with works of fiction

Danilo Manca, Valéry e la filosofia della letteratura

Giovanna Pinna, Literature and action. On Hegel’s interpretation of chivalry

Iris Vidmar, Rethinking the philosophy-literature distinction



Giuseppe Patella, Una filosofia dell’intermedio. Ricordo di Mario Perniola



Viviana Vozzo, Beyond the ancient quarrel. Literature, philosophy and J.M. Coetzee di P. Hayes e J. Wilm

Elena Casetta, Evoluzione e cultura di L. Bravalle

Paolo Stellino, Essays in Moral Skepticism di R. Joyce