empirical evidence and philosophy -

empirical evidence and philosophy

Rivista di Estetica, n.s., 69, 2018, Anno LVIII

Petar Bojanić, Samuele Iaquinto and Giuliano Torrengo

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For decades, if not centuries, conceptual analysis has been taken to be the best way of deepening
our understanding of philosophical concepts, like the concept of knowledge, free will, time, and justice.
In recent years, however, the reliability of conceptual analysis has been questioned by the philosophical
movement labelled ‘Experimental Philosophy’. In this special issue of Rivista di Estetica, we aim to make
a significant contribution to the ongoing discussions on the role of empirical data
in criticising or defending philosophical theses.

Petar Bojanić, Samuele Iaquinto, Giuliano Torrengo, Conceptual Analysis and Empirical Data
Andrea Strollo, Methaphysics as logic
Emanuele Arielli, Is beauty in the folk intuition of the beholder? Some thoughts on experimental philosophy and aesthetics
Elvio Baccarini, Art, moral understanding, radical changes
Slobodan Perović, The complexity-based explanatory strategy, biological levels, and the origin of life
Snjezana Prijić-Samarzija, Agency evidentialism: trust and doxastic voluntarism
Petar Bojanić, Igor Cvejić, Fact of reason, social facts, and evidence
Neboijsa Zelic, Public reason, civic trust and conclusions of science


Zhou Xian, Mario’s studio
Filippo Contesi, Forma e Immagine: una lettura critica