Brill’s Companion to the Philosophy of Biology - Andrea Borghini & Elena Casetta

Brill’s Companion to the Philosophy of Biology

Entities, Processes, Implications

Andrea Borghini & Elena Casetta



In this volume, Andrea Borghini and Elena Casetta introduce a wide spectrum of key philosophical problems related to life sciences in a neat framework and an accessible style, with a special emphasis on metaphysical issues. The volume is divided into three parts. The first addresses the two main questions stemming from life sciences: what is life, and what is the correct understanding of the theory of evolution? The second part looks at metaphysical questions concerning biological entities: environments, species, organisms, and biological individuals. The third part focuses on theoretical questions of particular ethical and political significance: sex and gender, the biotechnological revolution, and the evolution of behavior and culture. Each chapter is followed by a list of further readings.

Preface to the English Translation vii

Foreword … viii
Introduction: From Biology to Philosophy— and Back … 1

part 1 – Processes

  1. Life … 17
  2. Darwin … 35
  3. Evolution after Darwin … 52

Part 2 – Entities

  1. Biodiversity … 73
  2. Species … 97
  3. Organisms … 120
  4. Individuals … 141

Part 3 – Implications

  1. Sex … 171
  2. The Biotechnological Revolution … 188
  3. Other Evolutions … 209