Bridging Traditions. Chinese and Western Philosophy in Dialogue - Erica Onnis, Ouyang Xiao

Bridging Traditions. Chinese and Western Philosophy in Dialogue

Rivista di Estetica n.s. N. 72, anno LIX

Erica Onnis, Ouyang Xiao

For centuries, Western and Chinese thought have developed along parallel and sometimes opposite paths. One of the main issues of comparative philosophy is whether the dis- tance between them can be overcome and what this reconciliation might imply.

This issue of Rivista di Estetica will inquire into the possibility of a philosophical com- mensurability between Chinese and Western thought, through the study of the differenc- es and the possible commonalities between their metaphysics, ethics, methodologies and ontological conceptions of nature and the human being, as well as through the analysis of how cultural traditions migrate from the East to the West and vice versa.


Erica Onnis, Ouyang Xiao, Introduction. The unbalanced relationship between the study of Western philosophy in China and that of Chinese philosophy in the West

Monica Link, Anecdotes and thought experiments in Zhuangzi and Western philosophy

Peng Feng, Significance or presence: Re-conceptualizing pluralism from a Confucian perspective
Alberto Giacomelli, Pittura, soggettività e storia. Forme estetiche e attraversamenti ermeneutici fra Cina ed Europa

Li Jianjun, Sexual difference and self-understanding – A comparative perspective on the liberation of bodily conditioned human beings

Erica Onnis, Il ceppo e l’intaglio. Riflessioni metafisiche sul Daodejing HYUN HÖCHSMANN Man from Mars – The Western reader

Xiao Oouyang,Towards moral teleology – A comparative study of Kant and Zhu Xi ALICE SIMIONATO The Manifesto of 1958: A discourse on Confucian rationalism ANNE CHENG Abel-Rémusat e Hegel: sinologia e filosofia nell’Europa del xix secolo

Wolfgang Kubin, Frammenti di un’estetica cinese del vuoto


Ugo Nespolo, Et in Academia ego