Bridging the Analytic Continental Divide. - Tiziana Andia (ed. by)

Bridging the Analytic Continental Divide.

A Companion to Contemporary Western Philosophy

Tiziana Andia (ed. by)




This volume, edited  by Tiziana Andina, tackles some of the most compelling  questions addressed in contemporary philosophy. Covering areas so diverse as metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science,  political philosophy, philosophy of art, epistemology and philosophy of mind, this book maps the past fifty years of  philosophical reflection, Bridging the Analytical Continental Divide. Not only will the reader get to know philosophy’s most interesting and promising developments, but she will also be immersed in human thought in a broader sense, as the book explores both our ability to know the world and ask questions and our capability to organize societies, create art and give humankind an ethical and a political dimension.

Contributors include: Tiziana Andina, Maria Cristina Amoretti, Luca Angelone, Alessandro Arbo, Carola Barbero, Andrea Borghini, Francesco Berto, Chiara Cappelletto, Stefano Caputo, Elena Casetta, Annalisa Coliva, Francesca De Vecchi, Maurizio Ferraris, Valeria Ottonelli, Andrea Pedeferri, Daniela Tagliafico, Italo Testa, Giuliano Torrengo, Vera Tripodi.