Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Martin Creed - Elisabeth Schellekens, Davide Dal Sasso (eds)

Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Martin Creed

Elisabeth Schellekens, Davide Dal Sasso (eds)

Bloomsbury Publishing

Published: June 2022




What is the future of conceptualism? What expressions can it take in the 21st century? Is there a new role for aesthetic experience in art and, if so, what is that role exactly? Aesthetics, Philosophy and Martin Creed uses one of this generation’s most important and influential artists to address themes crucial to contemporary aesthetics.

Working in an impressive variety of artistic media, Creed represents a strikingly innovative take on conceptualism. Through his ingenious and thought-provoking work, a team of international philosophers, jurists and art historians illustrate how Creed epitomizes several questions central to philosophical aesthetics today and provides a glimpse of the future of both art and aesthetic discourse.


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Introduction, Elisabeth Schellekens and Davide Dal Sasso

Statements, Martin Creed

1. Where in the (Art)World is Martin Creed?, David Davies
2. Martin Creed’s ‘Workless’ Works of Art, Karen E. Gover
3. S T U P I D A R T, Diarmuid Costello
4. How Not to Be an Uncollectible Artist, Alessandra Donati and Anna Pirri Valentini
5. An Expression of the Essential: Martin Creed and the Celebration of the Ordinary, Davide Dal Sasso
6. Martin Creed: Conceptual Art and More, Elisa Caldarola
7. The Logical and The Phenomenological in Martin Creed’s Chairs, Gregory Minissale
8. Which ‘Martin Creed’? Or Switching from Insignificance to Significance, Clive Cazeaux
9. Process Art as an Aesthetic Alternative: Martin Creed’s Glasgow Connection, Diego Mantoan

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“Making stupid art is far from stupid. If you want to understand why that is, or if you’ve ever wondered how Martin Creed’s work can be so radically simple and yet also utterly complex, you should read this book. It’s an eye-opener.”




The editors

Elisabeth Schellekens is Chair Professor of Aesthetics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Davide Dal Sasso is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Università di Torino, Italy.