Pier Giuseppe Monateri -
Pier Giuseppe Monateri -

Pier Giuseppe Monateri

Full Professor, University of Turin

Pier Giuseppe Monateri is visiting Professor at SciencesPo, Paris, and Professor of Law at the Law School of the University of Turin, where he is Chief Coordinator of the Erasmus Programs and has been President of Post Graduate Programs in Law and Coordinator of the PhD Programs in Comparative Law.

He is titular member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (New York), member Accademia delle Scienze (Bologna); Profesor Honorario Universidad San Marcos (Lima); Vice-President of the Italian Association of Law and Literature,

Pier Giuseppe Monateri is editor in chief of The Comparative Law Review, of Polemos, of the Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin, and of Danno e Responsabilità.

He is former VIcarious Rector of the University of Trento, and Past-President of the Italian Association of Comparative Law.

He has been the first Director of the Department of the Private Law of the State ad the Scuola Superiora della Pubblica Amministrazione in Rome, and he is a former member of the Board of the Italian Society for Law and Economics; and former Director of Biblioteca della Libertà, Centro Einaudi.

He has been honoured as Jean Monnet professor od European Law at the University of Trento.