Davide Dal Sasso -
Davide Dal Sasso -

Davide Dal Sasso

Postdoc Fellow, University of Turin

Davide Dal Sasso has two Master’s degrees, one in Philosophy and one in Art History. He received his Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Turin in 2017. His research is focused on the relationship between philosophy, aesthetics, and contemporary art with a particular interest in conceptualism, the role of practices in arts, the issues of expressiveness and representation. He is a member of Labont-Center for Ontology and editor of “Dialoghi di Estetica” (Dialogues of  Aesthetics), a column on philosophy and art published in the magazine Artribune (https://www.artribune.com/tag/dialoghi-di-estetica/). He has edited the new edition of Ermanno Migliorini, Conceptual Art (Mimesis, 2014) and he is the author of the book Nel segno dell’essenziale L’arte dopo il concettualismo (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2020).