Maurizio Ferraris, Dochumanity -


Oct 2019

Maurizio Ferraris, Dochumanity

Room B107, Zhenghua Building, School of Philosophy, Wuhan University, h. 7.00 pm

October 7, 2019





Maurizio Ferraris



“From each according to his ability” is the first part of the biblical saying that constitutes the first precept of Marxism. As is well known, it is rather difficult to achieve. But what is even more difficult – indeed apparently impossible – to realize is the second part: “to each one according to his needs”. This principle, which was already challenging at the time of Jesus Christ, seems absolutely unfeasible in this age of unleashed Turbo-capitalism. But are we sure that it is so? In my proposal for Digital Welfare I hope to demonstrate that, if we adequately understand our time and its characteristics, we will see that we are indeed in the most suitable conditions for the realization of a communism (or Christianity) of needs.


Public Lecture in the framework of the WHU-UniTO Research Partnership For Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.