May 2023

Labont Seminar – Pauldin Lawrence, “An introductory note on operationalizing webfare”

Sala Incontri 1 - Biblioteca di Filosofia, Palazzo Nuovo

May 8, 2023

Pauldin Lawrence (Università di Torino)
“An Introductory Note on Operationalizing Webfare”
Webfare refers to putting in place a system of welfare using the surplus value generated on the web from the data of its users. The use and influence of online platforms have increased significantly in the past decades, giving rise to social and economic phenomena hitherto little known. An appropriate philosophy is necessary to coordinate and give direction to the varied activities flourishing on the web. The philosophy of doc-humanity by Maurizio Ferraris deserves mention in this regard. Doc-humanity outlines the ontic principles behind the web and inspires for a webfare. A strong economic model can accelerate the process of putting webfare into action and the capability approach by economist Amartya Sen heralds in this context. During the presentation, I would briefly explain 1) the ontological principles that underpin the web based on doc-humanity and related readings 2) the plausibility of Capability Approach by Amartya Sen for realizing webfare.