Jun 2021

Labont Seminar: Mariarosaria Taddeo


June 7, 2021

Mariarosaria TaddeoDigital Ethics For The Governance of Artificial Intelligence

7 giugno, ore 16.00, Webex

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a new technology that requires regulation. It is a powerful force that is reshaping daily practices, personal and professional interactions, and environments. For the well-being of humanity, it is crucial that this power is used as a force of good. Ethics plays a key role in this process by ensuring that regulations of AI harness its potential while mitigating its risks. In this talk, I will discuss the risks and opportunities that AI brings about and focus on how digital ethics – the branch of ethics that studies and evaluates moral problems related to data, algorithms, and corresponding practices and infrastructures –  can contribute to shape the governance of AI to mitigate the risks and harness its potential for good. I will argue that to achieve this goal, digital ethics has to work as translational ethics and shape design and governance approaches to AI.

L’evento non si terrà nella data indicata e sarà riprogrammato per i prossimi mesi.