Oct 2023

Foundations of a Technosophy – 3rd annual meeting of RPRCT project

Campus Luigi Einaudi, Sala Lauree Rosse, Lungo Dora Siena 100

October 30, 2023

Foundations of a Technosophy

3rd annual meeting of RPRCT project

The most powerful pharmakon available to the naked ape is technique, and the most powerful technique is capital. Marx knew this very well when he captured its Faustian and Promethean character. We must not forget this, for capital is not essentially greed or selfishness, but the technological and humanistic ability to preserve and multiply, through progress, the value of its goods, cultural and spiritual even before material, for the benefit of all humanity present as well as future generations.

October 30th
Morning session. Technophily, Technofoby, Technosophy
Chair: Valeria Martino
h. 9:30 Maurizio Ferraris, The Equipped Mind
h. 10.10 Jocelyn Benoist, Maurizio and the Truth Factory 
h. 11.30 Jimmy Hernandez Marcelo, Thinking Reality through Technology
h. 12.10-12.50 Pauldin LawrenceTechnosophy: In-depth View of the Technology-Philosophy Confluence
h. 13 Lunch break

Afternoon session. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence
Chair Gabriele Gava
h. 14:30 Jan Voosholz, Technology as First and Second Nature
h. 15.10 Fabrizio Calzavarini, The Cognitive Determinants of Data Donation
Conference dinner

October 31st
Morning session. Literature and technology
Chair Elena Casetta
h. 9:30 Jens Rometsch, The philosophical fascination with artifacts
h. 10.10 Ana Ilievska, Literature between Truth and Techne
h. 11.30 Pauline Nadrigny, L’oiseau qui enregistrait 
h. 12.10 Sandra Laugier, Cultural and creative industries as a resource for a caring society