Nov 2021

Climate Crisis and Future Generations: Michel Bourban


November 16, 2021

Labont Seminars 2021 – Climate Crisis and Future Generations
16 November, h 4:00-6:00 pm (CEST)

Michel Bourban (Warwick University): Eco-anxiety and responsibility for future generations

Just as John Rawls perceived the “fact of reasonable pluralism” as a permanent feature of democratic public culture, we can consider that the “fact of anxiety” has become a pervasive characteristic of life in the Anthropocene. Global environmental changes such as anthropogenic mass extinction, climate change, and ozone depletion give rise to a specific form of anxiety: “eco-anxiety.” This presentation draws the contours of the notion of eco-anxiety and suggests possible remedies to it. The objective is to identify key features of eco-anxiety and think about its normative implications in terms of responsibility for young people and future generations.