Nov 2021

Climate Crisis and Future Generations: Christian Baatz


November 15, 2021

Labont Seminars 2021 – Climate Crisis and Future Generations
15 December, h 4:00-6:00 pm (CEST)

Christian Baatz (Kiel University), Assessing climate policies from a justice perspective: finance for adaptation, loss & damage and beyond

Abstract: Climate impacts disproportionally hit the Global South where people have contributed very little to the problem. From a global justice perspective, they are entitled to support in adapting to climatic changes and remedying so called “loss and damage”. This raises the question who exactly is entitled to receiving climate finance and who ought to provide it. This talk focuses on the latter issue. Based on the climate ethics discourse it develops a duty-bearer account that in turn informs criteria for assessing policy instruments suitable to raise climate finance. It argues that it is important to make a categorical distinction between the feasibility and the desirability of a given policy and proposes fairness, effectiveness and feasibility as the main assessment components. The criteria are then applied to different policies such as carbon taxes, emissions trading schemes, border tax adjustments and the Clean Development Mechanism. After presenting some tentative results, the talk will end with an outlook on how to rework the criteria in order to assess Carbon Dioxide Removal options and policies that govern these measures.

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