The Philosophy of the City - Alessandro Armando, Niccola Siddi (eds.)

The Philosophy of the City

Rivista di Estetica, n. 85 (3/2024)

Alessandro Armando, Niccola Siddi (eds.)

This issue of the ‘philosophy of the city’ includes articles by scholars on a range of human sciences, from media theory to aesthetics and architectural theory. Philosophy, social ontology, cultural anthropology, aesthetics, digital hermeneutics, media theory, cognitive science: these are just some of the disciplines that contribute to the philosophy of the city. This variety of approaches doesn’t necessarily result in a chaotic mix. Many of the included forms of discourse belong to the same episteme, which means there are many connections and overlaps. This is true both in the literatures of reference and in the ways of answering the question of what ‘the city’ is. Secondly, the texts don’t focus on the city itself, but on those who live in, design, imagine and think about it. Thirdly, because these texts create a place where different ideas can live together. This is like a city, where ideas change, are built on and then rebuilt. This is what Wittgenstein wrote about in his Philosophical Investigations


Alessandro Armando, Nicola Siddi, Filosofia della città, ovvero la città della scienze umane

Denis Brotto, Segni e sintomi. Immagini di città tra movimento e permanenza

Simona Chiodo, Two reasons why the future of the city may teach us something key: abstracting and being wise

Mustapha El Moussaoui, Aesthetics, authenticity & city place-making

Shane Epting, Exploring the duality of urban living through the aesthetics of the nighttime city

Abel B. Franco, Touching urban spaces with our life. How we experience cities aesthetically

Paolo Furia, Alberto Romele, Rappresentazioni della città: immagini di stock e anestetizzazione del paesaggio

Valeria Martino, Gian Vito Zani, Da bene pubblico a bene comune: le aree verdi come oggetto di un impegno congiunto

Francesco Parisi, Giovanni Pennisi, City and ecomedia: from a linguistic and ocularcentric to a sensorimotor and material account

Sergey Troitskiy, Emil Babaev, Elizaveta Belova, Diana Karpova, Anastasia Samoylova, The image of the mental map in the communication of social media users from Saint Petersburg

Snezana Vesnic, Architectural concept: (op)positional infinity of the city



Simone Cuconato, Oggetti matematici non-esistenti come truthmakers: meinonghianismo strong e l’argomento di indispensabilità

Maurizio Ferraris, Doppio senso: natura e seconda natura

Hicham Jakha, Ficta and virtuality: An Ingardenian ontology of virtualized ficta



Milos Ipranci, Snezana Vesnic, Petar Bojanić, In-statuere: Figures of institutional building

Marco Di Feo, Nicole Miglio, Francesca De Vecchi, La società in persona. Ontologia sociale qualitativa