Rethinking Schelling. Nature, Myth, Realism -

Rethinking Schelling. Nature, Myth, Realism

Rivista di Estetica n.s. N. 74, 2020, anno LX

Emilio Carlo Corriero, Ian Hamilton Grant

The international debate around realism, revitalized today by the emerging “new realism”, meaningfully interweaves with a renewed interest in Schelling’s philosophical positions, an author who, right in the midst of the philosophical project of German Idealism, forcefully insinuated the natural-realistic objection introducing a breach within the modern rationalism. On the one hand, philosophy of nature represents a line of continuity along which the whole Schelling’s philosophical journey develops in its various phases; on the other hand, the relevance of Schelling’s philosophy of nature to the contemporary debates cannot be properly understood but in the wider context of that entire journey.

This issue of “Rivista di Estetica” has two main aims: examining how and to which extent the contemporary international debate on New Realism brought to the forefront Schelling’s Naturphilosophie; and exploring the value of Schelling’s Naturphilosophie as a theoretical resource for several fields of research such as the contemporary philosophy of nature and the ontology of powers, the concept of identity and the mind-body problem, the speculative realism and the metaphysical issue of the ground.


Carlo Emilio Corriero, Introduction. Schelling Again

Massimo Cacciari, Schelling’s Dante

Iain Hamilton Grant, “All the principles of being and becoming”

Emilio Carlo Corriero, Beyond the process after Schelling. Freedom and creativity

Maurizio Ferraris, Hysteresis – Metaphysics of the web

Matteo D’Alfonso, The consciousness of the real and the reality of consciousness

Luca Illetterati, Andrea Gambarotto, The realism of purposes: Schelling and Hegel on Kant’s critique of teleological judgment

Elena Casetta, Performation vs. epigenesis: Inspiration and haunting within and outside contemporary philosophy of biology

Francesca Michelini, The paradox of the living: Jonas and Schelling on the organism’s autonomy

Germana Pareti, Entanglement, agency, and phenomena. Quantum physics and philosophy after Schelling

Jason M. Wirth, Who is Schelling’s Bruno?

Federico Vercellone, Goethe, Schelling, and the melancholy of nature


Mario-Teodoro Ramirez, Aesthetical ontology, ontological aesthetics: Rethinking art and beauty through speculative realism