Jean Monnet Module – Human Rights Culture in the European Union


Erasmus+ Programme: Settembre 2017- Ottobre 2020 Jean Monnet Module – Human Rights Culture in the European Union.


Labont is proud to announce that Angela Condello, director of Labont Law since 2015, has been awarded a Jean Monnet fund (Erasmus + programs) to direct a course entitled “Human Rights Culture in the European Union” (HRC-EU) and to conduct research until 2020 at the Department of Philosophy at UniTo.

The Module aims at fostering an innovative interdisciplinary perspective between law and humanities in the study of the European human rights culture based on the analysis of paradigmatic cases of the European Court of Justice and of the European Court of Human Rights. This perspective will make human rights law and policies more accessible also to Philosophy students.

HRC-EU meets the growing demand of humanities students for topics like law, European policies, fundamental rights. The Module will reach students of all cycles at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences and within the new international Master course in philosophy for international students at UniTO (PIC). The principal themes of the Module include: a general introduction to human rights law in the EU; the philosophy of human rights; the idea of a European human rights culture based on paradigmatic decisions of the ECJ and ECHR; the analysis of European narratives between humanities and law; European law and philosophy; philosophical analysis of juridical normativity and in particular the function of exemplarity.

Through teaching and research activities, HRC-EU aims at realizing two objectives. First, promoting the career of the young researcher specializing in law and philosophy, European Union issues, and law and humanities; second, fostering the publication and dissemination of the results through publications, events and the scientific and academic network already built by the Module leader which will be enlarged by the Module activities. The expertise of Dr. Condello in various fields (legal and political philosophy, law, theoretical philosophy) will invite the students to approach current EU discourses differently.

The Module promotes joint initiatives and collaborations with the Labont – Center for Ontology, directed by Prof. Maurizio Ferraris, with the Associazione A Buon Diritto, with RaiTre – Doc 3 (specifically in relation to the documentary “Coeurope” by G. Troilo).
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