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Pauldin Lawrence -

Pauldin Lawrence

PhD Student, University of Turin

Pauldin Lawrence did his Bachelors in philosophy at Pontifical Oriental Institute for Religous Studies and Mahatma Gandhi University in India, with a major focus on systems of Indian philosophy. He completed the Masters degree in philosophy at University of Turin, following the program, Philosophy International Curriculum, with the thesis entitled Evaluating Doc-Humanity from the Perspective of Sarvodaya and Capability Approach.

He was a teaching intern at Nirmala Higher Secondary School, soon after the graduation in 2017. He also worked as a media analyst at Wipro Technologies Ltd. in India for a London based media monitoring firm’s project in the year 2018. Currently, he is PhD candidate in philosophy at University of Turin.

His research interests lie primarily in the fields of Indian philosophy, Comparative philosophy, Gandhian Thought, Welfare Economics and Social Ontology.