Gianmaria Ajani -
Gianmaria Ajani -

Gianmaria Ajani

Full Professor, University of Turin

Professor Gianmaria Ajani was appointed Rector of the University of Turin in October 2013 for a six-year mandate (2013-2019).
After graduating with honours in Law at the University of Turin in 1979, he worked as a Researcher at Bocconi University in Milan and then as a Professor at the University of Trento.
At the University of Turin, Gianmaria Ajani is Professor of Law and holds the chairs of Comparative Legal Systems, International Law & Contracts. He served as Director of the Department of Law from 1998 to 2004 and Dean of the Faculty of Law from 2009 to 2013.
He has been a Visiting Scholar in Moscow and Leiden, and a Visiting Professor in Berkeley, Fribourg, Zhongnan and Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
Professor Ajani served as a legal expert for the Sacharov Foundation Initiative to advise the USSR Government on legal reforms, as a consultant to the IMF- International Monetary Fund and the Council of Europe on the project of recodification of civil law in Albania.
He also served as a member of a team of three experts called by the OSCE- Organization for Security and Co- operation in Europe to facilitate dialogue between the Ukrainian Central Government and the Crimean Authorities, as a participant in a EC/TACIS project and as an expert for a UNDP project on the training of National Assembly officials in Hanoi, Vietnam.
He is author of numerous papers for national and international scientific journals.



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