Francesco Franda -
Francesco Franda -

Francesco Franda

PhD student, University at Buffalo

Francesco Franda is a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). His main research interests lie in social ontology, and the philosophy of social science. His project focuses in particular on social kinds, namely groupings of people like congressperson and refugee, or groupings of things like border and money, all of which are characterized by bearing certain social properties. These categories guide our behavior by informing us about social reality, and they are the object of scientific investigation. Philosophical interest has increased in recent years over social kinds: How are they created? How do they play a role in our knowledge of the social world? How can we give an objective account of value-laden social kinds? His project has the goal of answering these questions by giving a pluralistic account of social kinds, and applying this framework to the case study terrorist, a vexed but important category, given the serious policy implications of its understanding.