Francesco Camboni -
Francesco Camboni -

Francesco Camboni

Postdoc Fellow, University of Turin

Francesco Camboni is a postdoctoral fellow at Labont, which he joined in 2018, and is concurrently serving as a teacher at secondary school. He has been working as a seminar lecturer and teaching assistant in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Turin since 2018. During his PhD, he has been a visiting student at the University of Vienna, at CeSCoS, under the tutoring of Prof. Barbara Prainsack.

Francesco earned his PhD in Philosophy in 2021 at FINO Consortium, under the scientific supervision of Tiziana Andina, with a dissertation titled “A Sociability-based Theory of Solidarity”. Key to his doctoral research is a reappraisal of Durkheim’s works, based on which an original line of philosophical elaboration of solidarity is disclosed. In particular, Francesco’s approach is intended to bring to light the presuppositional status of one’s assumptions on human nature for conceptualizing social phenomena, and his account of solidarity is developed accordingly.

Currently, Francesco is broadening his research interests so as to explore the manifold interconnections among solidarity, intergenerationality, and ritual studies.




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