Transgenerationality. Why future generations matter -


Mar 2023

Transgenerationality. Why future generations matter

Sala Blu, Palazzo del Rettorato. Via Po, 17, 10123 Torino TO

March 13, 2023

March 14, 2023

International Chair of Philosophy “Jacques Derrida”/Law and Culture 8th Edition
Transgenerationality. Why Future Generations Matter

Turin, March 13-14, 2023

Sala Blu, Palazzo del Rettorato. Via Po, 17, 10123 Torino TO




Morning session • Chair: Carola Barbero

9.30-10.00 Greetings

Maurizio Ferraris (University of Turin)
Graziano Lingua (University of Turin)

10.00-11.00 “Paolo Bozzi” Prize for Ontology—Prize Award Ceremony
Laudatio by Maurizio Ferraris (University of Turin), The Real, The False, The Fake
Lectio Magistralis by Graham Harman (Southern California Institute of
Architecture, SCI-Arc), On Constraints in Science, Philosophy, and the Arts

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.10 Elisabetta Ballaira (Fondazione 1563 per l'Arte e la Cultura),

Blythe Alice Raviola (University of Milan), The Past of Transgenerationality. Around a Book and Collective Historical Research

12.10-12.50 Luigi Bonatti (University of Trento) Intergenerational Altruism in a Global Interconnected World: Some Paradoxes

12.50-15.00 Lunch

Afternoon session • Chair: Erica Onnis

15.00-15.40 Tiziana Andina (University of Turin), Time Will Tell. A Philosophy for Future Generations
15.40-16.20 Mario Vergani (University of Milano-Bicocca), Generativity and Ethics. A Phenomenological Approach
16.20-17.00 Alberto Pirni (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies), Grounding Transgenerational Motivation

20.00 Dinner


Morning session • Chair: Costanza Penna

10.00-11.00 Prize Award Ceremony

Laudatio by Petar Bojanič (University of Belgrade), Institutionalist or Counter-Institutionalist. What Does Contre Mean?
Lectio Magistralis by Christopher Fynsk (European Graduate School), The Library, at Home.
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.10 Fausto Corvino (University of Gothenburg), Shifting (At Least Part of) the Economic Burden of the Energy Transition Onto Future Generations: a Pragmatic and Non-ideal Solution to the Present Generation’s Egoism or an Application of Transgenerational equity?

12.10-12.50 Ferdinando Menga (Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”), The Calling of/from the Future: Phenomenological Remarks on (the Challenges of) Intergenerational Justice.

12.50-15.00 Lunch


ORGANISED BY: Labont – Center for Ontology
ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Lara Barbara, Davide Dal Sasso, Gregorio Fracchia, Valeria Martino, Erica Onnis, Costanza Penna, Giulio Sacco
SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE : Valerio Adami, Gianmaria Ajani, Tiziana Andina, Carola Barbero, Petar Bojanić, Olivier Bouin, Marguerite Derrida, Alessandra Donati, Francesco Erspamer, Maurizio Ferraris, Günter Figal, Michèle Gendreau-Massaloux, Werner Gephart, Yves Hersant, Jolán Orbán, Michel Wieviorka