Oct 2019

Something the eye cannot decry: East and West. WHU-Labont Joint Workshop on Ontology of art.

Wuhan University

October 8, 2019

In the framework of the WHU-UNITO Research Partnership For Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, on October 8th it will be held the first WHU-Labont Joint Workshop on Ontology of art.


Traditionally, the disciplines engaged in the visual arts are interested in studying all those properties which are visible, meaning perceivable by the sense organs. In the Twentieth century, the American philosopher Arthur C. Danto has been one of the first underlings the importance of those properties the “eye cannot decry” to understand art.
In a multicultural fashion, the workshop aims at discussing what does it mean for the eastern and western contemporary philosophy of art to reflect on those invisible properties which transfigure material objects in works of art.



Tiziana Andina

Maurizio Ferraris

Fan Minghua

Liu Geng

Erica Onnis

Xiao Ouyang

Peng Fuchun

Peng Feng

Zou Yuanjiang