Rivista di Estetica publishes thematic issues about philosophical topics. It is one of the oldest philosophical journals in Italy, established in 1960 as a quarterly journal about aesthetics and more general philosophical themes.

Rivista di Estetica practices double blind refereeing and publishes both in Italian and English.

The editor of Rivista di Estetica is Maurizio Ferraris, professor of philosophy at the University of Turin, Italy.

The managing editor is Tiziana Andina, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Turin, who follows the day-to-day functioning of Rivista di Estetica, as well as the contacts with authors and referees. All editorial correspondence should also be addressed to tiziana.andina@unito.it.

Guidelines for authors: Eng. | ITA.

The journal is indexed by: SCOPUSISI, The Philosopher’s IndexRépertoire bibliographique de la philosophie, ERIH, Articoli italiani di periodici accademici (AIDA), Catalogo italiano dei periodici (ACNP), Google Scholar

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Rivista di Estetica
n.s. 59, (2/2015), anno LV