Gregorio Fracchia -
Gregorio Fracchia -

Gregorio Fracchia

PhD student

Gregorio Fracchia is a PhD Student in Sustainable Development and Climate change (University of Torino). He graduated in theoretical philosophy at the University of Turin (superv. Prof. Tiziana Andina).

His main interests concern

– philosophy of law: environmental ethics, environmental law and metaphysics, transgenerational justice, art and law (especially the role of performativity);

– metaphysics and ontology: post-war Italian thought, social ontology, deconstructionism;

– aesthetics and ontology of art.

His PhD project deals with climate change litigation and transgenerational justice, addressed from the perspective of standing to sue and developed through a metaphysical and ichnological approach.

Alongside his philosophical studies, Gregorio has an artistic activity as a classical guitarist and composer, which led him to publish 4 CDs, a novel (Mondadori) and other works.