Germano Paini -
Germano Paini -

Germano Paini

Professor, University of Turin

Germano Paini is an innovation sociologist and a data scientist. Head of innovation and competitiveness of the University of Turin and Scientific Committee director of the Advanced Study Institute – Scienza Nuova. He studies complex phenomenon, he develops opportunities and implications of innovative process on society, markets, firms, work and people with specific address to the transformation originated by digital revolution. He coordinates collaborative research projects with firms. He promotes and develops interdisciplinary research. He designed and implement the Knowledge Interchange as a new model of interaction between University and territories. He coordinates the project “Piemonte 2029” for the operative strategy related to the innovation and digital development of Piemonte. He is co-author of the essay “Scienza Nuova. Ontology for a digital transformation” (2018).