The Labont – Center for Ontology is an interdepartmental center of the University of Turin involving the Departments of Philosophy and Education, of Psychology, of Law, of Management, and of Culture, Politics and Society. The Labont seeks to promote scientific research on topics that intersect different subject areas by focusing on ontology (understood as the philosophical discipline that aims at providing an inventory of the entities that exist in a certain domain of quantification, exploring their ultimate nature), and in particular on social ontology and ontology of social organizations, of art, of economics, of law, of gender, of biology, political ontology, ontology of architecture and design, ontology and cognitive science, and psychology. The personnel involved in the centre (fifteen professors, five researchers and more than twenty PhD students and postdocs) has different specializations ranging from psychology to metaphysics and ethics, from philosophy of language to aesthetics, from political philosophy and law to comparative law, international and transnational.