Michael Austin, Paul Ennis, Fabio Gironi

Speculations, Issue 3

punctum books
[ISBN: 978-0988234017 ]

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Maurizio Ferraris

Introduction to New Realism

[ISBN: 9781472590664 ]

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Anna Longo

Time without Becoming

Mimesis International
[ISBN: 978-8857523866 ]

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Iain Hamilton Grant

Philosophies of Nature after Schelling

[ISBN: 978-1847064325 ]

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Graham Harman

The Quadruple Object

Zero Books
[ISBN: 978-1846947001 ]

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J.J. Gibson (A cura di Vincenzo Santarcangelo)

L’ approccio ecologico alla percezione visiva

Mimesis (collana N.R.), Milano, 2014, XXI-461 p.
[ISBN: 9788857521343 ]

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A cura di Vincenzo Santarcangelo

Have your trip. La musica di Fausto Romitelli.

Milano, Auditorium Edizioni, 2014, p.250.
[ISBN: ISBN: 97888-98599-12-7 ]

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