Angela Condello

Between Ordinary and Extraordinary. The Normativity of the Singular Case in Art and Law

BRP - Art and Law

[ISBN: 978-90-04-38130-8 ] -

What is the relationship between the general, abstract norm and the singular,
concrete case that sometimes affirms a parallel, contrasting, norm? The present
book engages with this question. The argument stems from an analysis of
extraordinary singular cases that sometimes emerge, sometimes are “produced”
or “promoted” as exemplary (for strategic reasons, like in law). In this essay
Angela Condello argues that approaching normativity in art and law from the
perspective of the singular case also illustrates the theoretical importance of
interdisciplinary legal scholarship, since the singularity creates room for extralegal
values to emerge as legitimate demands, desires, and needs.
Angela Condello, Ph.D. (1984), is a legal philosopher. She has been teaching law
and humanities and legal philosophy since 2013. Her work covers critical
approaches to classical legal theoretical themes, and in particular metaphor and
analogy. She has published widely on exemplarity, casuistry in law, law and
literature, law and humanities. She was awarded fellowships among which the
“Law as Culture” Fellowship (Bonn), Fernand Braudel (EHESS), and others to
teach and work at University of California at Berkeley, Max Planck Institute for
International and Public Law (Heidelberg), Australian University at Canberrra,
Cardozo Law School (New York) and McGill Law School. Her monograph
“Analogica. Il doppio legame tra diritto e analogia” (Giappichelli, 2018) is

The series Art and Law is edited by Tiziana Andina, Gianmaria Ajani and
Werner Gephart.