Valeria Martino

Born: Alatri (FR), Italy, 20/09/1992
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Phd Student in Philosophy, Northwest Philosophy Consortium, University of Genoa

11/2016 MA in Philosophy, University of Turin, Italy. Dissertation in Theoretical Philosophy, title «Fariseismo etico: tra legalità dell’agire e ragion pratica» [Ethic Pharisaism: legal Behaviour and practical Reason], mark 110/110 cum laude and “dignità di stampa”. Supervisor: prof. Maurizio Ferraris

05/2014 BA in Philosophy, University of Pisa, Italy. Dissertation in Theoretical Philosophy, title «Il desiderio in Aristotele e Hobbes» [Desire in Aristotle’s and Hobbes’s Philosophy], mark 110/100 cum laude. Supervisor: prof. Alfredo Ferrarin

Area of Specialization
Theoretical Philosophy

Areas of Interest
Aristotle’s Ethics and his contemporary interpretations, Social Ontology

Current Research
Ethic Intellectualism: An Ontology of Virtue and Information

11/01/2018, Ethic Intellectualism and Human Rights, Winter School in Law and Humanities at RomaTre University, Rome, Italy