Sarah De Sanctis

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Sarah De Sanctis collaborates with the University of Turin, where she also works as an academic translator specializing in philosophy. She has translated several books, including Maurizio Ferraris’ Where Are You? An Ontology of the Cell Phone (Fordham University Press, with a foreword by Umberto Eco) and Introduction to New Realism (Bloomsbury University Press, with an introduction by Iain Hamilton Grant), to which she also co-wrote the Afterword. She co-edited Breaking the Spell: Contemporary Realism Under Discussion (2015) with Anna Longo and, together with Graham Harman, is the editor of the forthcoming issue of Methode: Analytic Perspectives, dedicated to the Realist Turn. She is the organizer of the series of lectures: Realisms New and Old. She lives in London, where she manages the UK branch of Labont.