Matteo Bianchin

Researcher, Università di Milano-Bicocca More »



Researcher (Università di Milano-Bicocca).


Areas of competence:

Philosophy of mind, philosophy of the social sciences, political philosophy.



PhD Università di Venezia


Selected Publications:

– (2014), “From Joint Attention to Communicative Action. Some Remarks on Critical Theory, Social Ontology, and Cognitive Science” in Philosophy & Social Criticism (forthcoming).

– (2013), (with A. Heylighen), “How does inclusive design relate to good design? Designing as a deliberative enterprise”, in Design studies (34) 1, pp. 93-110.

– (2012a), “Bildung, Meaning, and Reasons”, in Verifiche (XLI) 1-3 pp. 73-102.

– (2012b), “Come è possibile una coscienza falsa?”, in Politica e società (I) 3, pp. 351-374.

– (2009), (with H. Heylighen, H. Cavallin), “Design in mind”, in Design Issues (25) 1, pp. 94-105.


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