Lydia Korpan

University ITMO, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Visiting Staff: LabOnt, University of Turin, Italy. More »


1993 – graduated from St. Petersburg Muchina College of Applied Art and Design (St. Petersburg, Russia, now renamed as St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz) as specialist in Industrial Design.
From 2013 – PhD student of the Cultural Studies and Cross-cultural Communications Department of University ITMO, studies philosophy of art and design
From 1999 – University ITMO, Engineering and Computer Graphics Department, lecturer.
In 2006 participated in the development of methods of evaluation of user interfaces and redesign of graphic user interfaces of ERP-system as one of two main researchers (a state contract).
1993 – 1999 – graphic designer-freelancer.
Graphic design and related technologies, design and usability of graphic interfaces, visual communication, theory and philosophy of design and computer art
Main publications:
Lidia Korpan, Viacheslav Tozik. Computer Graphics and Deasign. Textbook. Moscow, Publishing Center “Akademia”, 2011. – 208 p. – ISBN 978-5-7695-6835-0.
Lidia Korpan. Philosophical Approach to the Problems of Graphic Design and Design Education in Information Society // Sgem Conference on Arts, Performinf Arts, Architecture and Design. Conference proceedings / Sgem International Multidisciplinary Sxcientific Conferences on Arts, Performinf Arts, Architecture and Design. Conference proceedings. – Albena, 2014. – P. 865-870.
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