Francesco Forleo

Born: October 16, 1954.
Address: Labont, University of Turin, Via S.Ottavio 20, 10100 Turin.
Phone: +39 335 5785854 More »


Areas of Interesting
History of philosophical and scientific thought – History of Cybernetic – Scientific methodology in the Philosophy of Science.

Current Research
History of Italian methodology, Archive “Centro di Studi Metodologici” di Torino, History of Cybernetic, Time (Meaning in physics and philosophy).

Academic Affiliation
Since 2010: Associate Member at LabOnt (Laboratory of Ontology), University of Torino. Italy.
Since 2012: Member at F-Mod (Research Group on Early-Modern & Modern Philosophical & Scientific Thought), University of Torino, Italy.

Magistral Degree in Philosophy, University of Torino, Italy (Title: Silvio Ceccato and Italian Cybernetic, supervisor Prof. Enrico Pasini).
School of Management, 1st level, University of Torino.
Polytechnics Mechanical Engineering, University of Torino (3 years).
Technical Expertness and Chief Engineering, High School, Torino.
Techniques and Calculation of Reliability, Isvor, Torino.
Noise and Vibration Emulation, Fiat Research Centre, Torino.

P.W.Bridgman, “The way things are” (with other translators)

(2017) La cibernetica italiana della mente: origine e sviluppi nella civiltà delle macchine.
(2018) Pensiero dell’uomo e “pensiero” delle macchine elettroniche: il pensiero è fisico?

English: Good, spoken and written
French and German: elementary knowledge

Professional experience record and key qualifications
(R&D Complete Vehicle, Senior Testing Manager, Senior Quality Manager).

Volvo C70, Complete Vehicle Attributes Responsible: Testing Manager.
Alfa Romeo GTV/GTS, Complete Vehicle Attributes: Testing Manager.
Rolls Royce Corniche, Bentley Azure / Sedanca: Testing & Quality Manager.
Mitsubischi Pajero Pinin: Quality Client Manager.
Ford Focus CC: Quality Client Manager.
Warranty & Reliability: Quality Manager.

ITT AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, Chassis and Braking System,
(R&D Dpt. Vehicle Office Manager).
DOE/RM, Advanced Research R&D Department.
Audi A8 Brake System, Integrated ASR on complete Vehicle Testing Development.
VW Golf 3rd series Brake System, Integrated ASR on complete Vehicle Testing. Development.
Ferrari F355 Brake System, Complete Vehicle Testing Development.
Alfa Romeo 155/166, Brake System, Integrated EBD/ASR, Complete Vehicle Testing Development.
Brake by wire: Integrated EBD/ASR Concept Systems Development (patent proposed).

FIAT Auto Group
Advanced Research Centre (Research Team Member).
CAE Engines Ferrari Race and Fiat advanced technologies.
Fuel Injection on Ferrari Race Endurance Engines, Mechanical Injection Device.
Advanced CAE Calculation/Simulation on Ferrari Race Endurance Engines, 1st Nastran Elements Defined on Virtual Emulation
CAE Calculation/ NVH Simulation on Engine Rotation Components.
R&D-Testing Activity
Reliability Testing on Complete Vehicles Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo (Testing Manager).
Attributes Testing Complete Vehicle: (Team Member) Lancia Beta, Delta 4WD.
Attributes Testing Complete Vehicle (Team Leader): Thema 3rd Series.
Formulation of New Advanced Methods of Complete Vehicle Testing(Team Member).
Leads Team of Ethic Approach toward Innovation on New Products (Team Leader).
Settlement of Know How Engineering on Complete Vehicle Testing (Senior Engineer).

BUGATTI AUTOMOBILI (Complete Vehicle – Consultant)
Bugatti EB110, Vehicle Engineering, Complete Vehicle PVP Activity.

OTHERS (Consultant)
2001-2002: University of Turin: Polytechnics Engineering University of Torino, Italy:
Seminary on Know-How Engineering.

2002: EU Commission: Technical Consulting on Asia Invest Program at Manila Philippines.
Seminary on “Time To Market and New Philosophies of Components Development”, Automotive Cluster

2004-2007: 3 years, Sweden (Uddevalla, Goteborg: Validation Testing Manager Volvo C70)
1989-1990: UK, (Southampton, London Essex: Vehicle Enginnering – Testing Manager Reliability on Complete Vehicles)

Visiting R&D manager
Japan (Nagoya, Osaka), Germany (FFM, Hailbronn, Cologne, Munich); France (Paris, Miramas); Sweden (Kiruna, Arvijao, Jokkmok); Jugoslavia (Belgrad); Spain (Mojakar, Valencia, Barcelona); Austria (Salzburg, Fush); UK (London, Southampton, Manchester, Crewe).