Enrico Terrone

Address: University of Torino, Dep. of Philosophy, Via Sant’Ottavio 20, 10124, Torino, Italy
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Email: enriterr@segnocinema.it

Homepage: http://enriterr.weebly.com/about.html

Areas of specialization: Aesthetics, Social ontology.
Areas of competence: Philosophy of mind, History of philosophy, Philosophy of technology, Film studies.

01.1.2017 – 30.10.2018
Università degli Studi di Torino (Italia)
Research Project: “Audiovisual Media and the Ontology of Artifacts”
(in cooperation with Collège d’études mondiales, Paris)

01.3.2016 – 28.02.2017
Università di Torino (Italy)
Research project: “Moving Images between Aesthetics and Social Ontology”

01.2.2015 – 31.01.2016
Collège d’études mondiales, Paris (France)
Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme – Gerda Henkel Stiftung
Research project: “Images and their contexts”
(Research area: Images, bodies and techniques in the global era)

01.10.2014 – 31.01.2015
Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Recht als Kultur”, Bonn (Germany)
Research Project: “Filmmaking the Social World”

Since 2016
Chercheur associé au programme “Politique des images” de la Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) et à l’initiative “Documédialité’ au Collège d’études mondiales.

Since 2011
Member of LabOnt – Laboratory for Ontology
Dipartimento di filosofia, Università di Torino, Via Sant’Ottavio, 20 – Torino

• Dates 2011-2014
• Place Università degli Studi di Torino
• Qualification awarded PhD in Philosophy

• Title of the thesis “Instances of Cinema. An Ontological Account of Depiction”
• Supervisor Maurizio Ferraris (Università di Torino)
• Jury Simona Chiodo (Politecnico di Milano), Gregory Currie (University of York), Robert Hopkins (New York University).(date of the discussion: 2014 June 3rd)

• Dates July 2013 – August 2013
• Place University of Sheffield
• Activity Visiting doctoral student in Philosophy (under the supervision of Professor Robert Hopkins)

• Dates January 2013 – May 2013
• Place McGill University, Montréal
• Activity Visiting doctoral student in Philosophy (under the supervision of Professor David Davies)

• Dates 1995 July 19th
• Place Politecnico di Torino, Facoltà di Ingegneria
• Qualification awarded Degree in Electronic Engineering
• Title of the thesis “MPEG Video Encoding and Parallel Processing Architectures”
• Supervisors M. Mezzalama (Politecnico di Torino) and A. Rinaudo (CSELT – Telecom Lab)

• Dates September 1992 – July 1993
• Place Université Catholique de Louvain
• Activity Erasmus visiting student in Computer Science (under the supervision of Professor Marc Lobelle)

• Dates 1984 – 1989
• Place Liceo Classico Statale “Lagrangia” di Vercelli
• Qualification awarded School-leaving certificate

• 2016 – 2017
• Université Paris 8 – Vincennes – Saint-Denis UFR ARTS, PHILOSOPHIE, ESTHETIQUE
• “Chargé de Cours” in Aesthetics at the Department “Arts Plastiques”

• 28.05.2015 – 29.05.2015
• Vercelli, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici
• Coordinator of the seminar: “Four American Landscapes – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), Lolita (1962), Easy Rider (1969), Pulp Fiction (1994)”; a seminar on cinema, literature and landscape in the framework of the course “American Literature” held by Professor Cristina Iuli.

• 18.06.2012 – 23.06.2012
• Dipartimento Educazione Castello di Rivoli Museo di Arte Contemporanea and LabOnt, Università di Torino
• Coordinator of the seminar “L’esperienza estetica” (Aesthetic experience) in the framework of: Summer School 2012 “Dialoghi di Estetica” (Dialogs in aesthetics)

• 2008 – 2012
• Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”
via G. Ferraris 116 – 13100 Vercelli
• Professor of “History of Film and Film Criticism”

• 2001-2011
• Ufficio Scolastico Provinciale di Vercelli, via Giolito 1 – 13100 Vercelli
• Computer science teacher at high school

(2017) with Maurizio Ferraris, Filosofia teoretica, Bologna, il Mulino.
(2014) Filosofia del film (Philosophy of Film), Roma, Carocci.
(2012) with Luca Bandirali, Filosofia delle serie Tv. Dalla scena del crimine al trono di spade (Philosophy of TV series. From C.S.I to Game of Thrones), Milano-Udine, Mimesis.
(2009) with Luca Bandirali, Il sistema sceneggiatura. Scrivere e descrivere i film (The screenplay as a System. Writing and Describing Movies), Torino, Lindau.
(2008) with Luca Bandirali, Nell’occhio, nel cielo. Teoria e storia del cinema di fantascienza (In the Eye, in the Sky. Theory and History of Science Fiction Films), Torino, Lindau.

(forthcoming) “Appearance and History: the Autographic/Allographic Distinction Revisited”, British Journal of Aesthetics.
(forthcoming) “Be Like This. Norms, Examples, Documents and Indexicals from a Neo-Aristotelian Perspective”, Law and Literature.
(forthcoming) “Character, Spectator, Film: On Cinema as a Plotinian Hierarchy”, in Thorsten Botz-Bornstein e Giannis Stamatellos (eds.), Plotinus and the Moving Image: Neoplatonism and Film Theory, Serie: Philosophy of Film, Brill/Rodopi, Leiden.
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(2014) June 29, Response to Gianfranco Mormino’s “Imagination and Memory in a Deterministic Perspective: the Spinozan Approach”, Nonperceptual Sensuous States Workshop, University of York, 29 June – 1 July, 2014.


Erkenntnis; British Journal of Aesthetics; Journal of the American Philosophical Association; The Review of Philosophy and Psychology; Investigaciones Geográficas (edited by the Institute of Geography of the National University of Mexico); Cinergie; Filosofia; Enthymema; Atti del Filmforum-Udine; GAME. The Italian Journal of Game Studies; Fata Morgana; AphEx; Rivista di estetica.

• Dates Since 2016
• Institution Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law
• Role Assistant Editor

• Dates Since 2011
• Institution Rivista di estetica
• Role Associate Editor

• Dates Since 2011
• Institution Future Film Festival – Bologna (with the sponsorship of Università di Bologna)
• Role Member of the Jury of “Premio La Polla” (a prize for young scholars in film studies)

• Dates 2010-2011
• Institution Università di Torino
• Role Member of the research group PRIN 2010 (Research Project of National Interest) – Realism and Objectivity

• Dates Since 1999
• Institution Segnocinema (Italian language film magazine),
• Role Associate Editor

Since 2017
Italian National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor in:
Section Settore concorsuale 11/C4 “Estetica e filosofia dei linguaggi”

Since 2016
French National Scientific Qualification as “Maitre de conferences” in:
Section 18 – Arts (Architecture, arts appliqués, arts plastiques, arts du spectacle, épistémologie des enseignements artistiques, esthétique, musicologie, musique, sciences de l’art)

Since 2014
Italian National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor in:
Section 10/C1 “Teatro, musica, cinema, televisione e media audiovisivi”

Since 2008
Italian National Qualification as Computer Science Teacher in High School

Since November 2015
Organizer (with Filippo Contesi and Nicole Hall) of the seminar: Aesthetics and Cognitive Science (ÆCS)
Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS-EHESS-ENS, Paris
Website: http://www.institutnicod.org/seminaires-colloques/seminaires/aecs

Paris, March 9, 2017
Member of the organizing committee (with Sara Guindani) of the workshop:
“Vérité et post-vérité au temps du Web”, organized by: Collège d’études mondiales – FMSH.
Website: http://www.fmsh.fr/fr/college-etudesmondiales/28170

Paris, October 11, 2016
Member of the organizing committee (with Angela Condello, Sara Guindani, Alberto Romele) of the workshop: “Dans la toile du Web”. Organized by: Collège d’études mondiales – FMSH.
Website: http://www.fmsh.fr/fr/c/9105

Paris, October 15-17 2015
Member of the organizing committee (with Angela Condello, Maurizio Ferraris, Sara Guindani) of the international conference:
“Total Mobilization: Web and Social Reality”
Organized by: Collège d’études mondiales – FMSH, in collaboration with: Iri (Centre Pompidou) and LabOnt (Università di Torino).
Among the invited speakers: Roberto Casati, Milad Doueihi, Luciano Floridi, Stefana Broadbent, John Searle, Bernard Stiegler, Michel Wieviorka.
Website: http://www.fmsh.fr/fr/c/7775

Torino, October 9 2014
Member of the organizing committee of:
“International Chair of Philosophy: Jacques Derrida – Law And Culture”
Organized by: LabOnt (Università di Torino).

Torino, April 27-28 2011
Member of the organizing committee of the national conference:
“Estetica | Aesthetica | Aisthesis – IX Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana d’Estetica” (Conference of the Italian Society for Aesthetics)
Organized by: Università di Torino
Among the invited speakers: Simona Chiodo, Paolo D’Angelo, Maurizio Ferraris, Jerrold Levinson

• Dates 2015-2016
• Employer RAI (Italy’s national public television)
• Role Co-author of “Stato dell’arte”
(TV program about philosophy and contemporary issues)

• Dates 2014
• Employer RAI (Italy’s national public television)
• Role Special guest in five episodes of “Zettel”
(TV program about the history of philosophy)

• Dates 2011
• Employer Associazione d’Irrigazione Ovest Sesia Via Duomo, 2 – 13100 Vercelli
• Role Script consultant for the playwriting of: “Canale Cavour. Tutto e solo di braccia e di badile”
by Francesco Brugnetta and Lucilla Giagnoni (theatrical work funded by Regione Piemonte in the framework of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy)

• Dates 2010 – 2011
• Employer Associazione culturale “Asilo bianco” Via Zanoni 17 – 28010 Ameno (No)
• Role Director of “Corto e fieno – Festival di cinema rurale”

• Dates 2008 – 2010
• Employer Associazione culturale “Cinitalia” Piazza Pajetta 5 – 13100 Vercelli
• Role Director “VAM Fest – Vercelli Art Movie Festival”

• Dates 2007
• Employer Prospettiva Nevskij, Via Manzoni 20, 24067 Sarnico (BS)
• Role Film Editor of the documentary “Olga e il tempo” di Manuele Cecconello (winner of the Grand Prix of the Jury, XXVI° Annecy Festival)

• Dates 1997 – 1998
• Employer Andersen Consulting (currently: Accenture) Largo Donegani, 2 – 20121 Milano
• Role Programmer analyst

• Dates 1994 – 1997
• Employer CSELT (currently: Telecom Lab) Via Reiss Romoli 274 – 10148 Torino
• Role Programmer analyst

Native speaker of Italian
Fluent in spoken and written English
Fluent in spoken and written French
Classical Latin and Greek: Reading and translating