Angela Condello

Date of birth: 1.8.1984 – Place of birth: Siracusa (Italy).
Address: Università Roma Tre, Via Ostiense, 161, 00154 Roma, Italy.
Private address: Via Baveno 16bis 10136 Torino Italy.
Mobile: +39 339 1715836

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Dr. Angela Condello
J.D. equiv. (Rome)
Born on 01.08.1984, in Siracusa (IT)
Italian citizen

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Chair Derrida
I work therefore I am
Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law:
Human Rights Center:
Critical Perspectives on Law and Gender:;;
2013 PhD in Legal Philosophy (summa cum laude), Deparment of Law, Roma Tre
Final dissertation: Ana-logica. Il doppio legame tra diritto e analogia Tutor: Prof. Eligio Resta
2009 Juris Doctor equiv., Department of Law, Roma Tre University
2012 Visiting fellow, Philosophy Department and Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at the School of Law, UC Berkeley
2011, 2012 Researcher (Stipendiatin), Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law, Heidelberg

2017 – 2020 Professor of Cultures of Normativity in the EU, winner of Jean Monnet Modules (2017-2020), Department of Philosophy, University of Turin, awareded July 2017
2017 – Collaborator in the management of the research project “Documediality”, directed by Prof. Maurizio Ferraris (Collège d’études Mondiales, University of Turin)
2017 – Coordination of the Osservatorio sul Notariato – selection and guidance of young scholars for a research on law, web, documents
2017– 2018 Scientific coordinator of the project “Documenta”, directed by Prof. Ferraris and funded by Fondazione Italiana Notariato
2017 – 2018 Coordinator of the project “I work, therefore I am (European)” funded by the European Commission, Erasmus Plus Programme (Jean Monnet), directed by Prof. Maurizio Ferraris, University of Torino
2016 – Research Fellow and Lecturer (assegnista di ricerca), Legal Philosophy and Law and Humanities, Roma Tre University, Law Department
2016 – Responsible of the module Theories of Gender and Women’s Rights
Inter-Department Master in „Gender Policies“, Roma Tre University
2015 – 2016 Guest Professor, Law and Humanities, Ghent Law School
2013 – Consultant and Collaborator of the Human Rights Committee, Italian Senate
2013 – Lecturer, Arcadia College of Italian Studies
2008 – Lecturer, International University Uninettuno

2015 – 2016 Fernand Braudel Fellow, EHESS, CENJ (Institut Mauss)
2014 – 2015 Fellow, Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Law as Culture”, Bonn
2013 – 2014 Assistant of the President, Human Rights Committee, Italian Senate of the Republic
2004 – 2009 Professional basketball player (league A), Torino Basket/Roma Sistemi


2015 Master thesis in Law and Humanities (Relationship between narration and human rights. Montessori methods applied), Roma Tre University, IT
2014 Master thesis in legal philosophy (Normal and pathological in Foucault and Canguilhem: epilepsy in Italy), Roma Tre University, IT


2017 Visiting Scholar, Law and Humanities, Cardozo Law School
2017 Visiting Scholar, Law and Humanities, McGill University School of Law
2016 – Lecturer and Manager of the Summer School, Migration: A European Human Rights Crisis, School, Arcadia University, US/IT
2015 – Lecturer and Director of the Course and Legal Clinic, Interdisciplinary Analysis of Gender, Law, Justice: Between Theory and Practice, Roma Tre University
2015 – 2016 Guest Professor, Law and Humanities, Ghent Law School
2015 – 2016 Lecturer, Testo, raffigurazioni, rappresentazione: linguaggi del diritto, LLM Roma Tre – EHESS “Droit et normativités comparées”
2014 – Lecturer, Law and the Humanities, Roma Tre University, IT
2013 – Lecturer, Human Rights in Historical Perspective, Arcadia University, US/IT
2009 – Lecturer, History and Identity of the EU, LLM European Law and Policies, International University Uninettuno, IT

2017 – Co-organizer of the International Chair of Philosophy Jacques Derrida – Law and Culture
on Post-truth, New Realism, Democracy
2017 Organizer of the Panel Law and Languages of Art, Modernist Studies Association, Amsterdam, 10-13 August
2017 Organizer and Responsible of the event, International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law on Exemplarity, Singularity and Generality in Legal Discourse, New York, Cardozo Law School, 25-27 May
2017 Organizer of the panel Art and Law, American Society for Aesthetics, Asilomar, US
2016 Scientific Committee of the event, On Maurizio Ferraris’ Mobilisation totale, Fondation Maison Sciences de l’Homme, Paris
2015 Organizer and Responsible of the event La normativité exemplaire entre droit, philosophie, histoire et littérature, Collège d’études mondiales, Paris
2015 Scientific Committee of the event Web and Social Reality, Collège études mondiales, Paris
2015 Organizer of two international seminars on Law, Literature, Labour, Ghent University

2017 – Coordination of International program in Law and Humanities University of Roma Tre – Cardozo Law School
2016 – Member of the Consulting Council of the Researching Center for Cultural Exclusion and Borderland Areas, Sociological institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
2015 – Director of LabOnt Law, University of Torino, Department of Philosophy
2015 – Member of the Human Rights Centre (dir. Prof. Dr. Brems), Ghent University
2015 – Managing Committee, International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law
2013 – Member of the Research Group “LARTICOLOTRE”, Project for a permanent report on human rights in Italy
2012 – Member of Berkeley Social Ontology Group, UC Berkeley

2017 – Director of the Series in French Philosophy and Law, Westminster University Press
2016 – Editorial Board, Law Text Culture
2016 – Editorial Board, Rivista di Estetica
2016 – Editorial Board, Law and Literature
2015 – International Advisory Board, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law
2015 – Managing Editor, Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law
2014 – Reviewer, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law
2013 – Scientific Committee, Direito em Debate
2012 – Editorial Board, EssereNelMondo

Law, Language and Communication Series (Routledge), Rivista Filosofia, Rivista di Estetica, Edinburgh University Press

2017 – IAPH International Association of Women Philosophers,
Direction of Atelier on Juridical Feminism
2015 – Italian Society for Legal Philosohpy (SIFD)
2015 – Italian Society for Law and Literature (ISLL)

1. 12/09/17 Families in Italian literature, culture, and the law: between representation and normativity, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds
2. 21-22/07/2017 The Policy of Cultural Rights: Socio-legal Perspectives on Cultural Diversity. International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati (keynote)
3. 25-27/05/2017, Singularity, Generality and Exemplarity in Legal Discourse, 18th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law 2017 at Cardozo Law School (keynote)
4. 11/10/2016 Legal conflicts in the “mobilized” era, FMSH, Paris
5. 13/05/2016 The historicity of legal judgement. Meaning and necessity in law, Workshop “Necessity”, Altonaer Stiftung fuer philosophische Grundlagenforschung, Hamburg (keynote)
6. 06/10/2015 Exemplum, Instance, Case: on exemplarity and casuitry , University of Ghent, Metajuridica
7. 05/10/2015 What does Plato’s Cratylus have to do with human rights theory?, University of Gent, Human Rights Center Lecture of the Human Rights Center roundtables
8. 25/09/2015 Metaphor as Analogy: Production and Reproduction of Legal Concepts, University of Southampton International Seminar around a special issue of the “Journal of Law and Society” (keynote)
9. 24/09/2015 The Law of the Exemplum, Birkbeck School of Law
10. 07/05/2015 Exemplarity as a Normative Form: Remarks Made between Law and Literature
Justus Liebig University, Giessen
11. 02/02/2014 Exemplarity as a Form of Normativity. How Individual Narratives Have Shaped American Legal Culture and the Construction of “Privacy”,
Department of American Studies, University of Bonn,
Recht als Kultur (Bonn) (keynote)
12. 11-13/09/2014 Exemple-Exemplarité – Beispiel-Beispielhaftigkeit, Atelier franco-allemand of the young researchers of the CIERA (Normandy) (keynote)

2017-2010 Jean Monnet Module, EU funding € 34. 860
2017 Coordination of the Osservatorio sul Notariato, total funding € 20.000
2017 Travel and accommodation agreement as Visiting Scholar – Cardozo Law US$ 2.500
2016 – 2018 Jean Monnet Project, EU funding, University of Torino, € 40.000
2016 Faculty Award for excellent teaching, Roma Tre, € 2000
2016 Culture della materia, Deparment Prize for Law and Humanities studies, Roma Tre
2015 – 2016 Fernand Braudel Fellowship, FMSH, France, € 18.000 (travel and insurance included)
2014 – 2015 Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Law as Culture” Fellowship, Bundesministerium für Forschung und Bildung, € 48.000 (plus travel, accomodation, insurance expenses)
2013 Stipendium, Max Planck Society, € 2.500
2013 Fellowship of the Center for International Governance and Justice, Australian National University, Au$3.500
2010 – 2012 Ph.D. scholarship, Roma Tre, € 40.914
2010 Culture della materia, Deparment Prize for Legal Philosophy, Roma Tre

Overall, I got around 200.000 Euros in research grants

University of Roma Tre (Emanuele Conte), Gent University (Marc de Vos, Eva Brems), EHESS (Paolo Napoli), Human Rights Committee (Italian Senate), University of Berkeley (John Searle), University of Torino (Maurizio Ferraris), University of Bonn (Werner Gephart), Max Planck Institute Heidelberg (Armin von Bogdgandy), Cardozo NY (Peter Goodrich), Australian National University (Desmond Manderson), University Wollongong (Marett Leiboff), McGill (Mark Antaki), Birkbeck Law School (Stewart Motha), University of Westminster (Andreas Philippopouos-Mihalopoulos)

Italian mother tongue
English fluent
French very good
German good
Spanish good command
Latin passive
Greek passive

10/10/2016 – 31/03/2017 Maternity leave for the birth of my son Leonardo.


1. Analogica. Il doppio legame fra diritto e analogia, under contract with Quodlibet ed., forthcoming 2017
2. Exemplarity as Normativity. The role of exempla in the evolution of legal cultures, under contract with Vittorio KlostermannVerlag, forthcoming 2018
3. Il denaro e i suoi inganni, by John R. Searle and Maurizio Ferraris, editor and translator of Searle’s chapter, under contract with Einaudi, forthcoming 2018

Articles in peer-reviewed journals
Impossible (though Necessary) Justice. Law, Literature, and the Uneven Thresholds of Normativity, in Polemos, in print (2018)
Diritto fra ermeneutica e tecnica, in Ars Interpretandi, in peer review (2018)
Regole per applicare le regole. Proposta sull’essenza della normatività giuridica, in Rivista di estetica, n.s., n. 65 (2/2017), LVII, pp. 107-119
Law and the Faculty of Judgement, with Carlo Grassi, Rivista di estetica, n.s., n. 65 (2/2017), LVII, pp. 3-6
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Observing laws through “understanding eyes”. Verbal Signs and Meanings in Legal Discourse, in Anne Wagner and Ning Ye, special issue Semiotica on “Signs, Symbols and Meanings in Law”, (2017) 216: 89–107
Some Remarks about Social Ontology and Law. An Interview with John R. Searle, in Ratio Juris. Vol. 30 No. 2 (2017), 226–231
Literature and Language between fiction and non fiction a matter of committment. An Interview with John R. Searle, in Allegoria. Per uno studio materialistico della letteratura, in print (2017)
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Law’s Pluralities and the Place of Law Among the Plurality of Normativities, in KULT_online journal, (2015)
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Book chapters
Potere, vita, diritti: Pasolini e Foucault a confronto con un paradigma “biogiuridico” in mutamento, in Rileggendo Pasolini: il diritto dopo la scomparsa delle lucciole, with T. Toracca, pp 241-253 (Aracne 2016)
Le Mosche del capitale di Paolo Volponi: lavoro, identità, assoggettamento tra diritto e letteratura, in “Lavoro! Persistenze e rimozioni”, with T. Toracca, pp 67-80 (Aracne 2016)
Aesthetic Mediation. Towards the Legitimate Power, in A. Condello, M. Antaki, S. Huygabaert, S. Marusek, Sensing the Nation’s Law: Historical Inquiries on the Aesthetics of Democratic Legitimacy, Springer series in History of Law and Justice (in print 2017)
L’esemplarità come forma normativa: alcune riflessioni tra diritto e letteratura, in Life Forms: Law and the Other Arts. Proceedings of the 6th ISLL National Convention, with T. Toracca, pp. 423-442 (2015)
Polisemie della mediazione: alcune riflessioni a partire dalla radice med-, in F. Spengler, ACESSO À JUSTIÇA, JURISDIÇÃO E MEDIAÇÃO, Fabiana Marion Spengler and Theobaldo Spengler Neto – Curitiba: Multideia, 2013, pp. 161-178 (2013)

Edited volumes and special issues
Diritto e ontologia. Dialoghi (Maurizio Ferraris, Gianluca Cuozzo e Pierpaolo Forte, Carola Barbero), Roma Tre E-Press, in print 2017
Special issue of Rivista di Estetica, Law and the Faculty of Judgement, with Carlo Grassi 02/2017
First issue of Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law, ed. of Peter Goodrich, Imago Decidendi. On the Common Law of Images
Volume Sensing the Nation’s Law: Historical Inquiries on the Aesthetics of Democratic Legitimacy, Springer series History of Law and Justice (co-editors Mark Antaki, Stefan Huygabaert, Sarah Marusek), forthcoming 2017
Special issue of Law and Literature, Exemplarity and its Normativity, with Alessandro Ferrara, forthcoming 03/2017
Special Issue Teoria e Critica della Ricerca Sociale on Legal Semiotics with Paolo Heritier, 04/2017