Angela Condello

Date of birth: 1.8.1984 – Place of birth: Siracusa (Italy).
Address: Università Roma Tre, Via Ostiense, 161, 00154 Roma, Italy.
Private address: Via Baveno 16bis 10136 Torino Italy.
Mobile: +39 339 1715836

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Work Experience
04/2015-01/2016: École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Centre d’études des normes juridiques –
Institut Marcel Mauss – Paris.

01/2015-present: Ghent Law School – Guest Professor (Courses taught: Law and the Humanities).

01/2014-01/2015: Käte Hamburger Kolleg “recht als kultur”, Bonn – post-doc fellow.

9/2013-present: Arcadia, College of Italian Studies, Rome & Roma Tre, Law School- teaching fellow –
“Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on the Paradigm of Human Rights”.

06/13-01/2014: Senate of the Italian Republic, Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Human
Rights – Assistant of the President of the Commission, Prof. Luigi Manconi.

12/08 –present: International University Uninettuno, Rome – teaching fellow for European Law,
European Judicial System and Legal Theory – LLM program in European law and policies.

01/09 – 12/09: International University Uninettuno, Rome – teaching fellow for European Law, European
Judicial System and Legal Theory – LLM program in European law and policies.

01/09 – 09/09: University Rome III, Law School – teaching fellow for mediation (ADR) – University Rome
III, Law School – research assistant for the chair of philosophy and sociology of law
(prof. Eligio Resta).

10/04 – 06/09: Pallacanestro Torino / Roma Sistemi – professional basketball player (lega A)

01/10 – 06/13: University Rome III, Law School – doctoral studies in “Diritto europeo su base storico-
comparatistica” – (European Law from a historical-comparative perspective) – thesis
title “Ana-logica” – evaluation by the Commission eccellente (equiv. Cum laude)

02/13 – 03/13: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law, Heidelberg –
Stipendiatin of the Max Planck Society.

01/12 – 05/12: UC Berkeley, USA – visiting scholar, Philosophy Department (supervisor Professor Hans
Sluga) and Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at the UC Berkeley School of Law.

06/11 – 09/11: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law, Heidelberg
Gastforscher, research for the doctoral thesis.

05/09 – today: Court of Appeals, Torino- articles (Praticante Semplice 05/09-10/10, Praticante
Abilitata 10/10-today).

08/10: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law, Heidelberg- visiting
researcher, research for the doctoral thesis.
07/06 – 12/08: University Rome III studies of law, focus international and comparative law, thesis
title: “Le comunità morali e il diritto” J.D. equivalent (Dott.ssa).

10/03 – 06/06: University of Torino – studies of law.

09/98 – 07/03: High School (Liceo) “Piero Gobetti”, Torino – maturità scientifica.

Memberships and Other Activities
Since 01/2015: Member of the Human Rights Centre directed by Prof. Dr. Eva Brems, Ghent Law School.

Since 02/2015: Member of the Scientific Committee of “Direito em Debate”-

Since Spring 2014: Member of the Editorial Board of “EssereNelMondo”-

Since Spring 2014: Reviewer for the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law-

Since 05/2012: Member of the Berkeley Social Ontology Group (BSOG), UC Berkeley, Department of

Since Fall 2013: Member of the permanent research group “LARTICOLOTRE”, organized by Abuondiritto
Onlus, Project for a regular report on human rights in Italy (I am responsible for
workers’ rights and children’s rights).

Projects of Research
CONFLITOS”,[Chamada 43/2013 – Ciências Humanas, Sociais e Sociais Aplicadas CNPq/Capes,
Processo: 408582/2013-8] International Research Project (3 years) based in Brasil,
University of Santa Cruz do Sul – Position: researcher.

07/10: Faculty prize for philosophy of law, University Rome III (cultore della materia).
01/10 – 12/12: Ph.D. scholarship, University Rome III (borsa di dottorato).
02-03/2013: Stipendium of the Max Planck Society (Fellowship) – Gast of the Schumpeter research Group
“Constitutional Reasoning. A Linguistic Turn in Comparative Constitutional Law” (Max
Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law, Heidelberg).
1/14 – 12/14:1 year Fellowship, Käte hamburger kolleg – University of Bonn (Political Science
Department) – Bundesministerium für Forschung und Bildung, Germany.

Courses taught
Since Spring 2014:
Law and the Humanities, University of Roma Tre, Law Faculty, together with Prof. Dr. Emanuele Conte and Dr. Stefania Gialdroni
Blog of the course:

Since Fall 2013:
Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on the Paradigm of Human Rights, Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies (Rome) in collaboration with the University of Roma Tre (

Since fall 2009
History and Identity in the European Union
LLM Program in European Law and Policies, International University Uninettuno
Seminars taught and organized

Starting from Fall 2015 (scheduled)
Immigrant Women’s Rights: an Experiential Learning Approach
University of Roma Tre, Law School. I organized the course and I will be the main instructor. The course will consist of theoretical lessons on gender issues with a focus on migrant women. Moreover, the activities of the course will be integrated by the HELPDESK organized together with Abuondiritto NGO and the Human Rights Committee of the Italian Senate together with the “Comune di Roma” (Municipality of Rome – Capital).

Spring 2015 (May, scheduled):
Testo e rappresentazione: linguaggi del diritto (Text and representation: languages of the law), 20 hours LLM program in “Droit et normativités comparées” (Roma Tre, Law School, EHESS and Sorbonne, Paris) Website of the LLM program: normativita-comparate/

Spring 2015
Since this year I collaborate with Prof. Michelle Reale in the realization of the Sicily Preview Course on Immigration in Italy. This year my focus has been: Italian Immigration Policies: a Focus on the Critical Contemporary Period (1998-2015)
Since January 2013 – ongoing (every third week):
Interdisciplinary doctoral and post-doctoral seminar (legal philosophy, private law, legal history)
University Rome III, Law School

Since 01/11 – ongoing
Roadmaps for Research, seminar on political philosophy, private law and legal theory – University Rome III, Law School.

Other projects
– Summer 2015 (scheduled): I developed and organized (together with Dr. Stefania Gialdroni) a Summer Program (3 weeks, two in Rome and 1 in Siracusa, Sicily) entitled: „Human Rights and Mediterranean Migration Crisis“ – in cooperation with the Human rights Committee of the Italian Senate and Associazione ABUONDIRITTO (ngo)
Website of the project: rights-mediterranean-migration-crisis/
I will be teaching an introduction to Migration Law and the philosophical issues related to citizenship, but the program is based on the integration of theoretical and experiential learning (the students will visit the detention centres for refugees in Sicily and Rome)

Work in progress:
– Conception and Perception of Legal Symbols: a Historico-philosophical Analysis of the Multi-level Semiotics of the Italian Supreme Court, paper presented at the EHESS in Paris with Dr. Stefania Gialdroni, (to be submitted to Law, Culture and the Humanities, Sage)
– On the Intersection(s) between Human Rights and Language, paper presented at the Regulatory Institutions Network (ANU, Canberra, Dec 2013)

Already published or forthcoming:
– Genre Classification: Normativity, Repeatability and Exemplarity, in W. Gephart, Law and Arts, Recht als Kultur Series (in press Summer 2015), together with Enrico Terrone.
– From resemblance to analogical inference: rethinking prototype theory in law and beyond, in The pragmatic turn in law. Inference and Interpretation, (Eds) Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein, de Gruyter Mouton, together with Alexandra Arapinis (in press Spring 2015, passed peer review).
– The Understanding Eyes of Legal Discourse. Verbal Signs and Meanings in Law, in Anne Wagner and Ning Ye, special issue of Semiotica on Signs, Symbols and Meanings in Law (in press, May 2015).
– The Intensionality of Legal Conceptualization: Between Conventionalism and Interpetivism, together with Alexandra Arapinis (in press Spring 2015, passed double peer review).
– L’esemplarità come forma normativa: qualche riflessione tra diritto e letteratura, in Italian Society for Law and Literature, Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference, together with Tiziano Toracca (in press Spring 2015).
– Dimension cognitive de l’exemplarité, in Trajectoires revue (Winter 2014-2015).
– Casi esemplari, Mélanges école française de Rome (February 2015),
– Diritti dei minori, in LARTICOLOTRE, Primo Rapporto Biennale sullo stato dei diritti in Italia, (ed.) S. Anastasia, L. Fanoli, V. Calderone, forthcoming September 2014, EDIESSE, Rome, (in Italian) — English translation to be published in 2014 under the title: Children’s Rights in Italy, in Report on Human Rights in Italy (2012-2014).
– Diritto al lavoro e al reddito, in LARTICOLOTRE, Primo Rapporto Biennale sullo stato dei diritti in Italia, (ed.) S. Anastasia, L. Fanoli, V. Calderone, forthcoming September 2014, EDIESSE, Rome, (in Italian) — English translation to be published in 2014 under the title: Labour Law in Italy, in Report on Human Rights in Italy (2012-2014).
– Analogical Thinking and the Structure of Normative Orders, in: C. Smith & H.J.R. Kaptein (eds.), Analogy and Exemplary Reasoning in Legal Discourse (Ashgate 2014, forthcoming) – French translation forthcoming in Jurisprudence Révue Critique (2014).
– Il polimorfismo della generalizzazione nel diritto : una prospettiva filosofico-giuridica, in JusCivile, 2014, 5, pp. 173-204,
– Some Experiential and Theoretical Remarks on Human Rights, in Regarding Rights. Academic and activist perspectives on human rights, April 2014,
– Polisemie della mediazione: alcune riflessioni a partire dalla radice med-, in F. Spengler, ACESSO À JUSTIÇA, JURISDIÇÃO E MEDIAÇÃO, organização de Fabiana Marion Spengler e Theobaldo Spengler Neto – Curitiba: Multideia, 2013, pp. 161-178.
– Analogie: Théorie et pratique du raisonnement judiciaire, in: M. Boudot & M. Faure-Abbad (eds), Mélanges en hommage à Jean Beauchard, LGDJ, coll. Droit et Sciences Sociales, Faculté de droit de Poitiers, pp. 441-454, June 2013.
– Analogia ed esemplarità nel discorso giuridico, in: Politica del diritto, XLIII, n. 2-3, June-September 2012, Il Mulino, November 2012 (pp. 421- 440).
– Immigrazione e asilo in Italia nelle raccomandazioni degli organismi internazionali per i diritti umani, in: Larticolo Tre. Rapporto sullo stato dei diritti in Italia. Lampedusa non è un’isola. Profughi e migranti alle porte dell’Italia, (ed.) L. Manconi, 2012 (pp. 330-366).
– Per esempio, in: Revista do Direito N° 35 Gennaio-Giugno 2011 (pp. 37-54), available on
Furthermore, I write regularly on Italian newspapers (L’Unità, Il Foglio) on issues regarding philosophy, State and legal systems.

Volumes and Special Issues edited:
1. Editor (and author) of the Special issue of the International Journal Rivista di Estetica (Director Prof. Maurizio Ferraris, entitled Law, Politics and the Faculty of Judgement. A trans-discplinary debate starting from J.-F. Lyotard – expected end of 2015
2. Co-editor of the volume Sensing the Nation’s Law: Historical Inquiries on the Aesthetics of Democratic Legitimacy, Springer series History of Law and Justice (co-editors Mark Antaki, Stefan Huygabaert, Sarah Marusek), expected end of Spring 2015

work in progress
– Exemplarity as Normativity The role of exempla in the evolution of legal cultures, under contract with Vittorio Klostermann, Verlag, Frankfurt, expected in 2015.
– Ana-logica. Il doppio legame fra diritto e analogia, under contract with Quodlibet ed., Macerata (IT), expected beginning of 2016.

September 2015 University of Southampton: International Seminar around a special issue of the “Journal of Law and Society” – Invited guest speaker and author.
Title of the seminar: Law’s Metaphors
Title of my presentation: Metaphor as Analogy: Production and Reproduction of Legal Concepts

18 May 2015 University of Torino, LABONT, Department of Philosophy ( Lecture in the frame of the Labont Seminar – Documentalità e internet. Questioni giuridiche a partire da un’analisi casistica.

6-9 May 2015 Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany:
International Conference “Law’s Pluralities” ( Exemplarity as a Normative Form: Remarks Made between Law and Literature [together with Tiziano Toracca].

19-20 March 2015 University of Bologna, History Department:
International Conference “Lavoro! Storia, organizzazione e narrazione del lavoro nel XX secolo” Il lavoro come apparato identitario: “Le mosche del capitale” di Paolo Volponi. [together with Tiziano Toracca].

2 December 2014 Department of American Studies, University of Bonn:
Exemplarity as a Form of Normativity. How Individual Narratives Have Shaped American Legal Culture and the Construction of “Privacy” – Lecture organized by Uni-Bonn and Recht als Kultur, FORUM RECHT ALS KULTUR Centre for Advanced Studies – Bonn. as-a-form-of-normativity-how-individual-narratives-have-shaped-american-legal-culture-and-the-construction- of-privacy.138/

11-13 September 2014 Exemple-Exemplarité – Beispiel-Beispielhaftigkeit:
Atelier franco-allemand of the young researchers of the CIERA at the Moulin d’Andé (Normandy) Paper presentation and discussion of Ph.D. projects of the students

3-4/07/2014 Urbino, Meeting of the Italian Society for Law and Literature:
Narrazione e narrativa nel discorso giuridico: una nuova prospettiva a partire dal tema dell’esemplarità

02/07/2014 Law and the humanities “in action”: the visual normativity of the Italian Supreme Court Workshop “The Nomos of the Images: Reframing the Visual Dynamics of Law”
Florence, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz (Max Planck Institute for Art History)

05/12/2013 International Conference of the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia – “Interpellations”
paper title: Rules: Between Law and Language

03/12/2013 Human Rights Between Nature and Convention, RegNet, Australian National University, Canberra (AU)
Centre for International Governance and Justice, in the frame of the Hilary Charlesworth’s ARC Laureate Fellowship project on ‘Rights, Regulation and Ritualism: Strengthening the International Human Rights System’ (

11/02/2013 École française de Rome, La normatività giuridica e i modi di governo medievali (seminar of doctoral studies) – Esemplarità, normatività: archeologia di un legame.

05/12/2012 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy L’analogia nella logica del diritto: ripartire da Norberto Bobbio.

14/11/2012 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy Paradigms of Public Order

25/06/2012 “Objects in Mind”, First Aarhus-Paris Conference in Social Ontology and Cognition, University of Aarhus, Denmark – Analogies and the Structure of Normative Orders (poster)

04/11/2012 Berkeley Social Ontology Group, UC Berkeley Analogical thinking in the Law

11/01/12 Seminar “Grammatica della Mediazione”, University Rome III Simmetry, proportion

23/11/11 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy Order

19/10/11 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy – From the dichotomy nature/convention to collective intentionality in the construction of the social world

16/08/11 World Congress of Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Frankfurt, Germany Being instead of a Definition.

04/07/11 Max-Planck-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt, Germany
Historical Research and Theory of Analogy. Two Cases in the Interpretation of Yan Thomas

25/06/11 Université de Poitiers, France – Analogie: Théorie et pratique du raisonnement judiciaire
02/04/11 University Rome III, Fortnightly Seminar for Doctoral Students and Researchers Analogy and the Polysemic Character of Examples

11/17/10 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy Raison d‘État

11/10/10 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy Forza di legge

12/09/09 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy Rule of Law

11/11/09 University Rome III, Lesson in Legal Philosophy Legalità e legittimità in Carl Schmitt e Max Weber

Seminars and Workshops (Organized by me)
02/07/2014 Florence
The Nomos of Images – Law & Humanities: Reframing the Visual Dynamics of Law

07/02/2013, Rome – La Faculté de juger – Law and the faculty of Judgement
International Seminar on the book „La Faculté de Juger“ (1985, authors: Jacques Derrida, Vincent Descombes, Garbis Kortian, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-François Lyotard, Jean-Luc Nancy), University of Rome III

Since 01/12 – ongoing, Rome-Annual Brazilian-Italian Seminar on ADR with a focus on Mediation from a comparative perspective.

Seminars and Workshops (where I participated as guest)
04/12/2013 – Law and the Humanities: Research and Method, ANU, Canberra

Italian: mother tongue
English: very good – Cambridge First Certificate (grade A)
French: very good
German: very good, niveau B2
Spanish: nivel B1
Latin and Ancient Greek: passive