Andrea Borghini

Born: Fucecchio (FI), Italy, 4.27.1977

Address: Department of Philosophy, College of the Holy Cross, 1 College Street, Worcester MA, 01610

Office phone: (+1)-508-793-3453

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Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, College of the Holy Cross, Fall 2007-

Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Turin, October 2009-March 2010

Associate Member, University Seminar on Comparative Philosophy, Columbia University, Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

AOS: Metaphysics; Philosophy of Biology; Philosophy of Food

AOC: Early Modern Philosophy; Philosophy of Science; Epistemology; Logic; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Action; Aesthetics; Interdisciplinary: Classics of Western Ethical and Political Thought


Columbia University, New York, NY, 2001 – 2007

Ph.D. in Philosophy, May 2007
Dissertation Title: ‘On the Necessity and Sufficiency of Universals’
Dissertation Committee: Achille C. Varzi (advisor); Christia Mercer; John D. Collins; Gyula Klima; Jan Westerhoff

M.Phil. in Philosophy, May 2004
M.A. in Philosophy, May 2002

Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy, 1996 – 2000
Laurea in Philosophy, October 2000
Dissertation Title: “David K. Lewis’s Theory of Possibility”
Main Advisor: prof. Massimo Mugnai
Honors: Summa Cum Laude



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  • (2010) Il genio compreso. La filosofia di Saul Kripke [A Genius Understood. The Philosophy of Saul Kripke] (with C. Hughes, M. Santambrogio, and A.C. Varzi), Carocci Editore, Rome, ISBN: 9788843054022
  • (2009) Che cos’è la possibilità [Possibility: What Is It?], Carocci Editore, Rome, ISBN: 9788843048045
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