May 29th, 2018.Ontology & the Arts.

2018/19 LabOnt Workshops

Organized by Vera Tripodi & Elena Casetta

In a classical article, Willard Van Orman Quine (1948) wrote that the ontological problem can be put in three Anglo-Saxon monosyllables: “What is there?”, and that it can be answered in a word: “Everything”, and everyone will accept this answer as true. However: “there remains room for disagreement over case”. This series of workshops aims at exploring this disagreement, discussing and analyzing it through different disciplines and regions of being.

Ontology & the Arts
May 29, h. 10.00 – 13.00 / 15.00 – 17.00
Palazzina Einaudi, Aula 6, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100/A

Speakers: Tiziana Andina (University of Turin), Adam Andrzejewski (Warsaw University) and Marta Zaręba (University of Warsaw), Elisa Caldarola (University of Padua), Enrico Terrone (EHESS, Paris), Davide Dal Sasso (University of Turin).

What is a work of art? What method can philosophy adopt to understand the nature of contemporary arts? What is the difference between a painting and a film? What kind of objects are musical works? The workshop aims to investigate the different approaches developed in the field of ontology concerning the study of the various kinds of artworks and the variety of contemporary arts.