Rivista di Estetica n.s., n.57, (3/2014), anno LIV

Social Objects. From Intentionality to Documentality

A cura di: Petar Bojanić, Elena Casetta, Giuliano Torrengo.

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What keeps society together? A popular answer has been that collective intentionality lies at the bottom of all manifestations of social reality. Several problems and criticisms have arisen against such a view in the very recent literature. An alternative approach replaces the notion of collective intentionality with the notion of “documentality”: the basis of social reality is the inscription of acts. The multifariousness of perspectives and topics addressed in the present volume witnesses the great vitality of the debate. Our guess is that such vitality is destined to increase in parallel to, and partly because of, the progressive complexification of contemporary societies.

Elena Casetta, Giuliano Torrengo, Social Objects. An Overview in the Light of Contemporary Social Ontology 3
Maurizio Ferraris, Giuliano Torrengo, Documentality: A Theory of Social Reality 11
Markus Gabriel, Dissenso e Oggetto 29
Andrea Lavazza, Documentality, Emotions, and Motivations.
Why We Need a Kind of Internal Memory 51
Ivan Mladenovic, Collective Intentionality, Rationality, and Institutions 67
Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin, La création d’un nouvel espace social:
Internet et la documentalité / Internet comme documentalité 87
Enrico Terrone, Che cosa esiste fuori dal testo? 101
Stephan Zimmermann, Is Society Built on Collective Intentions?
A Response to Searle 121

Critical notes
Jovan Babić, Reciprocal Illumination: Epistemological Necessity Ontological Destiny? Some Preliminary Remarks 143
Marius Bartmann, On the Very Idea of Imposition. Some Remarks on Searle’s Social Ontology 155
Petar Bojanić, Charter and Institution 165
Elena Casetta, Are Species Social Objects? Some Notes 173
Ivo Kara-Pešić, Liberi dal presente. Le basi cognitive del mondo sociale 185
Sanja Milutinović, Documenting Sex and/or Gender. Montrer patte blanche as Ambiguous Expression of Proving One’s Credentials 195
Sebastian Ostritsch, Hegel and Searle on the Necessity of Social Reality 205

Francesco F. Calemi, L’argomento dell’uno sui molti. Il dilemma dello struzzo 219
Iain Hamilton Grant, I tre dogmi del trascendentalismo 241
José Luis Jerez, Notes on a New Analogical Realism 251