Erasmus+ Programme: Settembre 2017- Ottobre 2020 Jean Monnet Module – Human Rights Culture in the European Union.

Erasmus+ Jean Monnet 2017. Erasmus+Programme: Jean Monnet 2017
Labont will lead a course entitled “Human Rights Culture in the European Union” (HRC-EU) and will conduct research until 2020 at the Department of Philosophy at UniTo. More »

Gennaio 2017-Dicembre 2018


Progetto per l’analisi delle nuove forme di documentalità   Durata: 2017-2018 Direttore del progetto Maurizio Ferraris   Comitato scientifico del progetto Massimo Palazzo, Presidente della Fondazione Italiana del Notariato Dino Falconio, Notaio, Presidente di Notar Act Tiziana Andina, Direttore, LabOnt Maurizio … More »

Sept 2016 - March 2018

I work, therefore I am (European)

I work, therefore I am (European) (IWIAME) is an international Jean Monnet Project funded by the EACEA (EU Commission) in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programmes. Duration: Sept 2016 – March 2018 More »

April, 2016.

Which biodiversity definition for biodiversity conservation?

Which biodiversity definition for biodiversity conservation?(I&D Project ref. PTDC/IVC-HFC/1817/2014) More »

March 2013-March 2016.

Documentality Organizing Complexity (DOC)

Principal Investigator: prof. Maurizio Ferraris EU Accelerating Grants, supported by The Compagnia di San Paolo Staff: Dr. Tiziana Andina, Dr. Leonardo Caffo, Dr. Elena Casetta, Dr. Davide Dal Sasso, Prof. Pietro Kobau, Dr. Vincenzo Santarcangelo, Dr. Giuliano Torrengo, Dr. Vera … More »


.DOC. Documentality and Organization of Social Complexity

In the last thirty years, the digital revolution has led to technological transformations that are before everyone’s eyes, but also to less evident consequences, which are even more relevant for social complexity. In particular, there has been an explosion of … More »


Documentality. Ontologies and Technologies for Citizenship and Democracy

The fact that being “sans papier” amounts to being devoid of citizenship (and of the associated rights) is extremely revealing as to the significance of documents, namely of those things that we shall regard as objects that record social events. … More »


Ontological Canon. An Integrative Approach to Knowledge Organization

In the last twenty years new and unexpected connections have been identified between philosophical ontology and application fields, ranging from information technology to social sciences. The Ontological Canon is intended to provide: (a) an historical and theoretical overview of the … More »


Intellectual Property: Property of Objects, Property of Ideas

The issue of intellectual ownership (also analyzed from the peculiar point of view of a theoretical categorization of the objects belonging to this domain) is raised from the exceptional technological development and the transformations of the global market, occurred in … More »