RPAL_cover_cmyk_generic_proof01.inddThe Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Gianmaria Ajani (University of Turin), Prof. Tiziana Andina (University of Turin),  Prof. Werner Gephart (University of Bonn).

The Editors-in- Chief are ultimately be responsible for the editorial content and direction of the journal. Responsibilities include:

• Determine the structure of the journal including the definition of the scope and selection of Associate Editors;

• Identify survey topics and invite authors in conjunction with the Associate Editors and the Publisher; oversee the review process to maintain quality and consistency across the entire enterprise

• Final approval of accepted manuscript.

Associate Editors: Dr. Angela Condello (University of Roma Tre), Dr. Enrico Terrone (Collége d’Etudes Mondiale).

The Associate Editors are responsible for managing each distinct subject area under the auspices of the Editors-in-Chief. This include:

• Final definition of the area;

• Identification and invitation of authors in cooperation with the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

• Co-management of the review process to ensure that quality within the track is maintained;

• Review article proposal/read final article and recommend acceptance.