October 4–6, 2018. The Document Academy. 2018 Annual Meeting. THE DOCUMEDIA REVOLUTION.


University of Torino, Palazzo Nuovo, (Ground Floor), Via S.Ottavio 20, Torino, Italy.
Scienza Nuova Centre for Advanced Studies
October 4–6, 2018


About the Document Academy
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The 2018 conference is hosted by the Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences at the University of Torino, in Italy. The conference co-chairs are Angela Condello and Maurizio Ferraris.

The conference will be the inaugural event of a new Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Industry 4.0, called “Scienza Nuova” (at the University of Torino).

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Keynote Speakers
We are delighted to announce the following keynote speakers:

Michael Buckland (University of California at Berkeley, USA)
Gregory Currie (University of York, UK)
Ronald Day (Indiana University–Bloomington, USA)
Claire Scopsi (CNAM, France)
Barry Smith (University at Buffalo, USA)

Call for Proposals
We are in the middle of a revolution. More precisely, we are dealing with the third revolution, after the industrial and the media revolutions: the “documedia revolution.” In this revolution, the constitutive power of documents and the mobilizing power of the media interact. Data and recordings are archived while, at the same time, they can circulate on the web. The workers’ alienation mentioned by Marx has been replaced by dynamics such as valorization and recognition, and the exploitation now takes place over the human capital embodied by the consumer (beauty, fashion, posts, cooking, mass vacations…): can this be called “exploitation”? Recognition and social prestige seem to be the most valuable aspects of human life today.

This conference aims at discussing different aspects of the documedia revolution, and specifically both its causes (the nature of documents and of recordings and their relationship with modernity) and consequences (publicity, recognition, visibility, mobilization).

Mainly, but not exclusively, we invite papers that deal with following questions:

Has the definition of “document” changed in the web era?
What objects would we classify as documents today?
Can we imagine a new hermeneutics in the era of technology, a sort of “technological hermeneutics”?
Has the concept of “trust” changed in the web era?
The Conference will be organized according to this tentative prospective sessions, but not esclusively (other themes and perspectives will be welcome):

Forms of the Document: the Legal Perspective
Art and the Documedia Revolution
The Role of Technology in the Documedia Revolution
Documents and Commodities

Submission Details
All proposals, including posters, must include:

a short (500 words) description of the work to be presented
names of all contributors
addresses, including email contacts
up to 5 keywords
Paper proposals should also include:

explanation of how they will be presented (verbally only, with presentation software, video, performance, or other forms of demonstration)
special equipment needs
Proposals should be submitted electronically to angela.condello@unito.it.

All paper sessions will be plenary and given 40 minutes, which includes discussion.

Conference language is English.

Submission deadline for proposals: May 30, 2018. Receipt will be confirmed within one week. Decisions will be announced by as soon as possible following the deadline.

Presentations will be eligible for publication in Proceedings from the Document Academy. Accepted authors who foresee wanting to publish in the proceedings should begin preparing their manuscripts over the summer. Completed manuscripts will be due in late October; details forthcoming.

About the Document Academy
The Document Academy fosters a multidisciplinary space for experimental and critical research on the document in the widest sense, drawing on scholarship, traditions, and experiences from the arts, humanities, social sciences, education, and natural science, and from diverse fields, such as information, media, museum, archives, culture, and science studies. DOCAM originated as a co-sponsored effort by the Program of Documentation Studies, University of Tromsø, Norway, and the School of Information, University of California, Berkeley.

DOCAM 2018, first time hosted at University of Torino, is the 15th annual meeting of the Document Academy, an international network of scholars, artists, and professionals in various fields, who are interested in the exploration of the concept of the document as a resource for scholarly, artistic, and professional work.